Look Back by Glen: Article 1 of Series 1; GP. 2020 04 26

I am now going to begin a series of 10 articles by Glen Peltier.  Yes, this Series was posted in 2016 >> but for “history buffs”, you may wish to copy the articles and retain. I will post a new article in this series, Series 1, EVERY SUNDAY.

Glen Peltier Takes Us Back to “Some of the Great Players”!! 

I have promised Stan I would write several articles, recounting my memories about male players from the past, and the present, that I have played with or against.
People ask me all the time who I think was the best?? I can not answer that question as all great players have their time at the top.
First I want to mention some players that I believe were great. I have to start with Jay Snoddy. He was tall, had a long follow-through, and was considered the best of his time. Then came along Bob Litts, Lyle Wood, and Bill Folberth. Lyle Wood was from Kentucky and taught the great Charley Bone and Bob Jones. Lyle played with Clarence Taylor and at 85 years of age could still play a great game. I often mention Bob Litz because I practised with Lee Jordon, Bob Litz, Lew Tanskey at St. Pete Sundays for years.

Bob Litz was the best!! He played in 11 consecutive Masters and won six!! Lew Tansky was a great help to me as he always told me what I was doing wrong. Henry Andringa fit into that same era. His partner was Bill Folberth. They owned a trailer park together giving them a chance to play often. Art Davis, Jasen Baade, Marie Krupp. were also classified as great players.
Not many people will remember these players; but you will know, AND REMEMBER, the players in my next article!! Now I may get somethings wrong and I don’t want to offend anyone so tell me if I leave someone out.
These opinions are my own so I will take the blame for any mistakes I make.
Glen Peltier. 2016 12 03. Watch for Glen’s Next Article!!! If I read him correctly, he is inviting your input!! Stan McCormack, 2016 12 03.

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