14 Years Have Passed!! Do You Think He Has Had Another???? Maybe He Will Tell Us??


I played opposite of Earl Ball for the entire International Tournament at Lakeside this past week and it was an inspiration to me seeing him there all the time. I saw Earl have a “senior moment” in one of his matches that really surprised me. It is not like Earl to have a lapse of memory during the game. He is a fierce competitor and constantly puts pressure on his opponent. He was playing
Bud Lloyd, an American playing on the United Nations team. Earl had a 23 point lead into the 15th frame with Bud having the hammer……Bud put Earl in the kitchen on a great combination shot and I signaled to Earl that he was in the kitchen. Earl, thinking it was the LAST frame, just pushed his last disc off to the side thinking he couldn’t lose. I hollered to him, “YOU’RE IN THE KITCHEN”!……he turned and realized it was the 15th frame, not the 16th……Bud promptly scored an 8 and now what was a 23 point lead is now a 5 point lead…….luckily with Earl having the last hammer……If Bud was able to get lucky and hide a disc and Earl hit a line on his hammer he would have lost the match. It just goes to show you that even one of the best can make a mistake……ALWAYS LOOK AT THE SCOREBOARD……It is your silent partner. Gus Bondi, 2006 08 26.

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1 Response to 14 Years Have Passed!! Do You Think He Has Had Another???? Maybe He Will Tell Us??

  1. Earl A Ball says:

    In the 14 years that have past I’ve played about 700 tournaments and never had another senior moment!
    Would I kid you?


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