We Return Briefly to the Inaugural to Holland and Germany of 2008.

Stan Speaks:  I will now do a brief review of our 2008 Inaugural.   In 2008 we posted our pix in a different fashion.  Accordingly; now, 12 years later, it is difficult to sync the pix with the narrative.

One of the first things you may wish to read is an explanation by Mr. Shuffle, Sam Allen, explaining just what an Inaugural Is???  Click: SAM ALLEN: WHAT IS AN INAUGURAL?


Many of you will be wondering why THE SHUFFLER did not report on a regular basis from Holland and from Germany. The reason is that internet access was more difficult than we anticipated. Without going technical on you, access by wireless although often possible was very expensive. Accordingly we chose to enjoy the planned events, limiting our SHUFFLER activities to the preparation of documents for posting on our return. For the record I did have my Laptop with me. We will now begin the reporting giving you one day at a time. We do hope that you will enjoy it as much as we did the Inaugural and the preparation of these articles.

The conceptual work, the overall responsibility was that of the Allens, Jim and Beth. As any effective leader will readily acknowledge, Jim and Beth had some extremely talented people working with them. Working from the UK were Les and Carol and Peter and Margaret; both couples also accompanied us on the entire trip, Peter guiding our Coach, Margaret, Les and Carol assisting Beth in a million small but critical elements needed to assure success. This group organized and led us in the Holland portion of our Inaugural.

Working to make the German part of our inaugural a great success were the Families Grunge and Hussmann. Kerstin and Sebastian Runge arranged our activities in Cologne while Dieter and Birgitt, supported by the entire component of German shufflers, can justifiably be proud of the organization and direction of the Langensebold portion. As we tell the story of the Inaugural, these activities will become evident.
All shufflers who participated would like to express publically, as we have privately, our sincere thanks, our sincere appreciation for another great INAUGURAL. Thank you, Jim & Beth,Les & Carol; Peter & Margaret; Sebastian & Kerstin; and Birgitt & Dieter.
Stan McCormack of THE SHUFFLER: 2008-04-27.

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