Glen Asks: What Side Are You On???

What side are you on??? Many players want change.

They want frame games. No more walking singles, Eight on each colour; One-day tournaments; Two discs for lagging; pre sign ups so we have an exact number on the chart. Some want ladies and men playing together. Three tournaments in the pros a week. Others want the good old days when we went to WAR. 100 men teams when every tournament went three days. No one ever made the semis at the end of the first day. How often have I heard I wish the game was the same as I found it!!! I played in Winter Haven in a tournament that had 110 teams. I played in Clearwater when all 52 courts were full and had players waiting. I say the game has been here 90 years and will last. The FSA has been a strong organization. I have total confidence in our board to do the right thing. I see strong players coming up. Some players making the superstar status. I would like to see us going to each tournament always with a positive feeling. Let the board figure it out. I don’t win much anymore but I always expect to….

I’m going to continue to have fun. Join me. Glen.

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4 Responses to Glen Asks: What Side Are You On???

  1. stan bober says:

    Great article Glen. As WCD Webmaster, I hear all kinds of complaints just as you described. The WCD has tried a number of different formats on the district level and at most, only half are pleased no matter what format is used. We all still enjoy the game regardless and like you ended your article, we make it a point to have fun!


  2. john Houghtaling says:

    I have “NO” doubt that the FSA Board will continue to pursue the correct, forward looking path that Pres. Kudro envisions!! I believe that “all” sports go through changes over long periods of time, adjust to those changes and as a result are better for those adaptations!! Good article!!!..


  3. Joan McCurdy says:

    Thank you, Glen. I always appreciate learning from other’s viewpoints.


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