And the Special Award Goes to Ann Hersom!!!


Dave Minnich Speaks:  SPECIAL: What does the word mean? When I looked up this word in the dictionary, I found, among other definitions, extraordinary — doing things above the call of duty. These definitions definitely describe our honorees tonight. I know that for a fact because both of these deserving persons served with me while I was FSA President and I could not have asked for anyone better to work with. The FSA criteria, as in the Preview, are for those who have achieved outstanding records in shuffleboard in the administrative or promotional fields, and who have contributed significantly to the advancement and welfare of the FSA. Again, our honorees certainly fit these criteria. The Special Awards category for entrance into the FSA Hall of Fame is currently the only category where entrance into the HOF requires being voted in.

Tonight, I am honored to present to you one of these deserving entrants-Ann Hersom. Ann became a pro in 1993 and was inducted into the FSA HOF under the Players Category in 2003. But it is not her playing accomplishments that I want to talk about tonight. It wasn’t long after she started playing that Ann became active in off the court activities in various positions in her District and at the State level. From 19941998, Ann was the Secretary of the SWCD. She then held the position of FSA Treasurer from 1999-2000. In the year of 2000, the FSA lost our Webmaster, Bill Clever, who served in this capacity so well for so many years. It was Ann who came to our rescue and with great difficulty took on not only the Webmaster job but, also the FSA Keeper of Records. One of these jobs is overwhelming and to take on both of these jobs most certainly is above the call! I know for a fact that Ann struggled mightily with these tasks even losing sleep. She so wanted to do her tasks well and she certainly did just that. I was FSA President at the time and I know Ann and I exchanged many many correspondences. She just went ahead and did these tasks.

Ann held these positions until 2004 when Darden Nelms agreed to take over these positions, which he still holds to this day. Then at Christmas of 2004, Ann once again was called upon to take on the position of State Treasurer and once again Ann came to the rescue of the FSA and accepted this position. I hope you are getting a feel for what kind of a person Ann Hersom really is — special! It should also be noted that, at the same time, Ann took over the duties of FSA Treasurer; she also took on the Webmaster and KOR jobs in her District. This woman is tiring me just thinking of all she has, and continues to do in the interest of Shuffleboard. Can there be any doubt as to Ann’s loyalty and dedication? I think not. During Ann’s spare time, she and Ed served as Captains for the USA National Team in the International Games. By the way, you know those certificates that are given out when the Roll of Champions Pins are given out? Guess who makes them — That’s right – Ann Hersom. But—there is another side to Ann Hersom – Ann as a person. Ann was asked her permission to enter her name into the nomination for entrance into the FSA HOF the previous year and she flatly refused to allow her name to be placed on the agenda. Firstly, she did not think she was worthy of this award (which was ridiculous) but, more importantly to her, was that she did not want her name entered because a very good friend of hers was also going to be put forth for this honor and Ann refused to compete with her friend. Her friend did not make it, but that wasn’t the point with Ann. Loyalty and friendship were more important to her. That’s just what Ann Hersom is all about. It was only through much cajoling that Ann finally agreed to allow her name to be put forth for the Special Award. Finally, when I was working so closely with Ann, she gave each of us a Knickname. Her Knickname was Faithful Servant. And she surely is that. And for all of you in this room, for all of those in her District, and indeed, for all those who have ever picked up a Shuffleboard Cue – ANN WAS AND STILL IS YOUR FAITHFUL SERVANT. Remarks offered by FSA Past President Dave Minnich on the Occasion of Ann Hersom’s induction into the Special Awards Category of the FSA Hall of Fame. 2007 01 15.

We add a little something >> something special: 3 THIS IS YOUR LIFE Ann Hersom

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