Earl Asks: Do You Sometimes Feel Like Asking a Playeer IF He/She Would Like Your Help??


I’ve been back playing the last few days in a drWaw round-robin and each day I’ve had players that needed a little help and wanted help. So, as we played, I helped all three other players on the court. It might be should I just score or I don’t know what to do. Things that aren’t so easy to decide for someone still trying to find their way.
Today I played on a court with two up and coming players, a man and a woman. Our 4th was George Darwin who is playing his 40th season. George is a terrific player. So, I asked him if he minded that I try and help the other players as we went along? His answer, no I don’t mind, I want to see them be good players. He said you know you get two things out of helping them. They become better players and when they represent Zephyrhills in a tournament, they enhance our reputation. I helped them, George helped them and me, they asked questions. They did well and we all had a good time. As George and I sat there we tried to understand why any Club or player wouldn’t want to help others learn the game. John Houghtaling was on the next court, three down for social distancing but we could hear each other.
We tried to make excuses as to why you wouldn’t want to help. We came up with “fear of getting beat.” The player that wanted help didn’t ask or, as happens, the player wouldn’t accept help.

It’s expensive to bead a court. If you have to bead a court you want to select some players you want to play with. In the end we decided we were just to darn proud of Zephyrhills Shuffleboard to let anyone down!
Maybe some of you can shed more light on the situation.
Earl 4-30-2020

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1 Response to Earl Asks: Do You Sometimes Feel Like Asking a Playeer IF He/She Would Like Your Help??

  1. Joan McCurdy says:

    Thank you, Earl.

    When I first started I asked a club player from our community if there was a better shot that I should have taken. He responded “I am not going to tell you as you might get better and beat me.”

    Often I let my opponent know that after the match, I am willing to listen to anything that might improve my game.

    If everyone helps, it is the game that improves.


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