We Have a Challenge For You!! Name from your left, to right, back row first. Leave reply in the Comment Section below the article.

The Central District TOP 8 Pro Masters Tournament.

I request that the 2nd and 4th individuals, back row, NOT respond.  

The Masters concept for the CD was really conceived by Bill Smith, tournament director for Central District at a meeting in 1987. After some discussion, the question was who would sponsor and promote it?
Austin & Winnifred McDonald, members & players at Georgetown, volunteered to sponsor the tournament for two years to see if would take off, and take off it did. The first Top 8 Central District tournament was hosted by Woodall Mobile Home Park in Lakeland in March 1988 and a great success. Second-year, 1989, it was held at Georgetown Mobile Home Park, Lakeland ~~ another success, and has continued every year since.
After 1989 the tournament was sponsored by Cliff & Maureen Sanders of Zephyr Hills for a number of years and they deserve a lot of credit. It was sponsored by Harriet Smith in 2004 and there may be other sponsors. As a player I enjoyed winning this tournament three times and glad to be a sponsor in 2006.

Austin D. McDonald
Information given by Austin to Stan McCormack in the form of a personal letter which had been requested by Stan. 2006 01 24.

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6 Responses to We Have a Challenge For You!! Name from your left, to right, back row first. Leave reply in the Comment Section below the article.

  1. Earl Ball says:

    Mel Elgersma, Earl Ball, Ralph Younker, Max Tate, Neil Findley
    Fred Wilkens, Clarence Wright, Pierre Beaulieu, Austin McDonald
    What a tremendous field!


  2. Max Tate says:

    Mel Elgersma and Neil Findlay


    • stanistheman says:

      Max > and Earl. It is evident that I did not make myself clear???? Scroll up to the photo of the nine players. Now, read the sentence in BOLD beneath the pic. I knew that You and Earl would be able to name each player >> and by so doing, AS EARL DID, would “take away the Challenge”???? See the very top of the article. It begins: “We Have A Challenge For You.
      Not just sure what question you were answering. There was no money for the right answer??? LOL


    • stanistheman says:

      Further to my comment to Max, below. I can see now how it can be misconstrued. The majority of the other Competitors, have left us, sadly. I WAS HOPING OTHER VIEWERS WOULD PICK UP ON THE CHALLENGE. Stan 2020 05 02 16:50


  3. Max Tate says:

    I was answering Gus’ question. Earl had asked that he and I not answer his question, but I see he did regardless.


  4. stanistheman says:

    Good Morning Max. Help me find Gus’s question????
    Max: It was Stan who wrote the article. It was Stan that asked that You and Earl not enter the CHALLENGE >> because I knew you would know all names. Stan


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