Glen Asks > How Soon Will We Be Forgotten???

How Soon are We Forgotten? How Soon Will You Be Forgotten?? How Soon Will I Be Forgotten?? 

Do you remember these Hall of Fame women from the past that I played at the same time and remember very well??? I will name you a few. Harriot Dunway Smith, Theresa Charbonneau, Mildred Davis, Betty Berger Norman, Virginia Worden, Mary Moore Kathy Mather, Vicky Klym, Eleanor Broughal, Mary Lou Bueche, Pauline Kinney, Gloria Stott, Joan Wheeler, Ruby Bladorn, Ann Hersom, Ann Wedel, Now there are many more Like Thelma Springer that has only recently past on and I know I have forgotten many but all I have mentioned were not only a credit to the game but were superstars and now they are gone but not totally forgotten.

The game now belongs to the present. We have so many women superstars right now that compare favourably to those from our past. They might even be better. Glen Peltier.

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