A Heart Warming Story > One of Many in The World of Shuffleboard.


We have another element of this magnificent story!! We suggest you read the original by Stan, and then the sequel, below in italics, sent along by Myrna Bilton.

ORIGINAL: The player carrying #2 on the German Men’s Shuffleboard Team was relatively new to the sport. Notwithstanding, Dieter Wuellner had acquired a knack for the game, and from the beginning had demonstrated an ability to focus on what needed to be done; coupled with the ability to get it done!!
His pleasant mannerisms on the court more than made up for his limited knowledge of English while competing.
Early in the Tournament, Dieter came up against Canada’s #10, Rendall Bilton who up to this point had never lost a match. It was in Round 10 on Court 5 (Roof Top); Rendall and Dieter were at the Head; Ron Williams of Canada was playing Sebastian Runge at the Foot. All of this in Australia!!
Court 5 was relatively free of the sometimes nasty winds and Rendall and Dieter were having a game, not of luck but one of strategy and skill!! The lead changed hands frequently >> and the careful observer could see that this match could go either way; however; given that Canada’s player had experience on his side, the betting was that Rendall would chalk up another win!!
In fact the game went to the final disc of the 16th frame with both players making great shots. When it ended it was Dieter who had the higher number on the Board.

It was what followed that was the “MOMENT NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN” >> When the two shook hands, Dieter took hold of Rendall’s arm and thrust it forcefully to his chest; Dieter’s heart was pounding!! The Hand Shake had turned into a Heart Shake!!

Rendall told me later that the emotion of the moment is something that he would never forget!! It was apparent that Dieter felt similarly.
Stan McCormack of THE SHUFFLER. 2008 10 11.

Be sure you read the next page >> below!!
I received from Myrna Bilton to-day > 2009 01 01. Dear Stan & Lois
Well here we are in 2009 and yes we were on the Lee courts today. Tomorrow we have a Club Tournament so we thought we should practise. Yesterday we sure had a big surprise. Dieter & Birgitt Hussmann and their two teenage children found us on the shuffle courts. I let Torben finish my game. They came back to our home and they had a gift for Rendall from Dieter Wuellner – this story just keeps getting better!!! Dieter (Hussmann) tells us that Dieter (Wuellner) was so inspired after playing against Rendall that he wanted to send his new Canadian friend a gift from his country.
Stan: You two didn’t tell us that this would happen!! Now we look forward to seeing them and many more of the new shuffler friends we met. From our place they were going north to visit Peter & Erika Berg.
All the best for 2009 and we hope we can arrange a meeting.
Luv Myrna & Rendall
As many readers will know, Rendall and Myrna will in fact see Dieter Wuellner when in Germany this August. (2010) Rendall & Myrna are Team Captains for Canada!
Stan and Alf of The Shuffler. 2010-05-20.

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3 Responses to A Heart Warming Story > One of Many in The World of Shuffleboard.

  1. Myrna Bilton says:

    Thanks for the wonderful memories
    Rendall & Myrna


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  3. debsturat says:

    Is it not amazing that strangers become long distance friends over shuffleboard?? Great story!!


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