Glen Shares His “Leg Threatening” Emergency!!! We Are Oh So Glad You Are On The Mend!!

Glen Peletier Said This Today > 2020 05 03:  I don’t know if what I sent you is worthy of printing.  I have been through hell and it was hard to concentrate sometimes.  Writing articles for The Shuffler sure helped!!  Glen.  What he sent me is printed below. 

Glen Speaks: What a tough five weeks for me. I got a low level cut off branch spear into my left leg. I lost most of my blood. The ambulance came out to my home and fixed me up. They gave me a choice of coming into the hospital or keep doing up my own leg. I chose the latter. I used peroxide which is the worst thing to do. It kills the good skin. Two weeks went on and it got seriously infected. The surgeon sent me to a trauma skin specialist. She wrapped my leg with a material that gets the swelling down and hopefully gets rid of the infection. This wrap was cut off every day and washed out with saline. After one week, it is now changed to every second day. It still has to be cut off. I was told yesterday that they are sure that the leg will be saved. During this time I needed something to do to get my mind off the chance I might lose at least my foot. The hole that went right to my shin bone is starting to heal and fill in. I have diabetes which added to my worry. I started to write Stan and it got my mind off of my pain and possible loss of a leg. I am told by my surgeon that I am in the clear.

Two things I have learned, just use peroxide once to clean a new wound and go with the ambulance when they tell you. Writing the last few articles helped me get through a really tough time. Glen. 

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12 Responses to Glen Shares His “Leg Threatening” Emergency!!! We Are Oh So Glad You Are On The Mend!!

  1. Cindy Wood says:

    I’m glad you’re going to be OK Glen!
    It’s fun to read about what happened before our time, you’ve done a great job and I hope you continue to write.


  2. Joan McCurdy says:

    Dear Glen,
    I am very sorry you have been through so much and especially at this time. It sounds like you are doing better ~ one step at a time. Remember, your friends would like you around for a long time and not just a good time!


  3. stan bober says:

    WOW Glen, hoping you get better soon! I guess those home remedies are best left in a drawer at home? Hope to see you shuffling soon.


  4. gerdykman says:

    Good to hear you are doing better Glen.
    We hope and pray for a vol recovery.
    Gerrit and Gerdien


  5. Tom Gionet says:

    Get well soon Glen with love and Prayers
    Tom & Olive G.


  6. Billy and Pat Batdorff (Whitaker) says:

    Billy and I are so sorry you went through, and are going through so much. We will be praying for you and your recovery.
    Billy and Pat


  7. Peter Berg says:

    HI Glen
    Erika and I hope that you feel better soon. We have a similar story. We took the last Air Canada plane out of Orlando April 24. Flight was very uneventful having only 18 people plus four crew members on board. Getting ready to exit the plane, because of Erika’s back problems she needed a wheel chair. She was just about to sit down when this stressed out Stewardess pushed the foot pedal onto her foot. Needless to say, Erika was in a lot of pain and we had blood all over. The airport fire Department came. They called the EMS. They told us after some negotiating, you must go to a Hospital right away to get it stitched up. You also need a T. shot because of the medal foot rest. We did not want to hang out in Toronto, so off we went to Parry Sound. After 4 hours in the Hospital we went to a Hotel, because by that time it was too dark to get into a boat and go home to our cottage on the island. We also could not go to our daughter in Parry Sound because of the quarantine.
    Peter Berg


  8. Pamela. Hill says:

    Get better soon, Glen. Hugs, Pam


  9. Bob and Marilyn Mitchell says:

    Hi Glen, Sad to read your injury story. Good that the professionals did their job with all the knowledge and skills necessary. The bottom line is you are doing well, leg in tact. Have a nice summer and hope to see you shuffling totally recuperated in the Fall. Best wishes, Marilyn & Bob


  10. debsturat says:

    Yikes — so sorry to hear of your struggle! Glad mending!!


  11. Phil and Linda Rebholz says:

    Phil and I hope that you are mending and have a complete recovery. Stay well over the summer..
    Linda Rebholz


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