Look Back by Glen: Article 2 of Series 1; GP 2020 05 03.

I have promised Stan I would write several articles, recounting my memories about male players from the past, and the present, that I have played with or against. This is Article number 2 in the 2016-2017 Series.
There may be a few people who remember these men or at least heard about them. Mary Eldridge would have remembered last weeks men plus a few more she could have added. (i.e. as discussed in this article: https://theshuffler.net/2016/12/03/glen-peltier-takes-us-back-to-some-of-the-great-players-2016-12-03/ ) Stan’s Note: As anyone who knows Glen will know, he is anything BUT a MISOGYNIST. He recounts memories of male Shufflers only, because that is who he played with and against.
Players I will identify in this article were some of the all-time greats. Charles McGee played doubles with the great Ken Worden and they were a great team. Ken had a temper and Charles wanted to play with Ken so he took it. Charles would clear and Ken would score. Ken could do it all. Click: KEN WORDEN WAS A GREAT SHUFFLER He played in many masters but won none.
Ken (Worden) was always up against Rosaire Biron, Charlie Bone, and Hans Strieb; Rosaire was the best hider I have ever seen. BIRON & HOLLOWAY seldom hit the hide block just missing it time and time again. Many thought of Rosaire as being the best of his time. Charlie Bone was a great Singles player and a great Doubles player, playing with Bob Jones as his long time partner.
Rosaire had an inner ear problem and left a tournament. He was bared for one year, the following year. I believe it was wrong. I won that Masters with 10 wins and 5 losses.
Back to Hans Strieb. ZZ The Great Hans Streib Hans held the record for wins in the Masters, I believe, until Chuck Stansburge won more and set a new record.
Ken Worden taught a new player and played with him often. That new player was Paul Prescott. Ken and Paul were Spot Shooters; Paul continues to be a Spot Shooter to this day. That era had another great player; Frank Berger from Ft. Pierce. He played most of his doubles with Garden Dodge from Bradenton.
Much more in another week. Glen Peltier. 2016 12 04.

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