Peter and Erika Berg Share Their Scarey Story as they Exit FL on the Last A/C Flight!!!

Stan Speaks: My goodness!! The Berg’s situation is as unusual as Glen’s!! We wish them well!!! Pic by Stan taken in 2011 in our hotel in Sochi, Russia.

Peter Berg Speaks: Hi Glen; Erika and I hope that you feel better soon. We have a similar story. We took the last Air Canada plane out of Orlando on April 24. The flight was very uneventful having only 18 people plus four crew members on board. Getting ready to exit the plane, because of Erika’s back problems she needed a wheelchair. She was just about to sit down when this stressed out Stewardess pushed the foot pedal onto her foot. Needless to say, Erika was in a lot of pain and we had blood all over. The airport fire department came. They called the EMS. They told us after some negotiating, you must go to a hospital right away to get it stitched up. You also need a T. shot because of the metal footrest. We did not want to hang out in Toronto, so off we went to Parry Sound. After 4 hours in the hospital, we went to a Hotel because by that time it was too dark to get into a boat and go home to our cottage on the island. We also could not go to our daughter in Parry Sound because of the quarantine.
Peter Berg.  To see Peter and Erika’s Home, click:

If you wish to read even more about this interesting couple:


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  1. Earl A Ball says:

    Erika, I do hope you are OK.


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