Earl’s Advice to Jim Corbeil Helps Jim place in the Main!!

Earl Ball’s Advice To CNSA President Jim Corbeil  >> RELAX AND FOLLOW THROUGH!!!

Jim Corbeil Speaking:  I have a little story.
This past winter I was playing in a Central District Tournament in St Cloud. I had been missing a good number of shots that I should have made. I mentioned it to Earl and he asked me to show him my stroke. Well I grip the cue like I was afraid I would drop it. Earl said hold it lightly in your hand and relax. When you make your shot follow through and don’t pull your cue back until the disk has stopped. Well I worked on my delivery all winter, it seemed every time I got a little uptight I would go back to squeezing the cue and miss my shot.
Well the last tournament I was at was Fort Pierce and my partner was Glen Peltier. We played our first match and won it, we moved on to our second match and lost the first game. When we switched colours we won the second. We lost the lag and we started the third game. Well Glen must have thought I was trying to throw the match, I squeezed the cue just like old times, and I started missing my shots. I mean missing, I couldn’t even hit an open disc. Glen kept us in the game making great shots and I kept missing. Well I stepped back and looked at the scoreboard and thought of what Earl said, don’t squeeze the cue, relax, and follow-through.
We went on and won the match and moved on to Quarters and won that as well> to make a long story short. We ended up placing fourth in the main.

So from now on, if I go back to my old way, and I likely will, I will stop and think of what Earl told me >> Relax and follow-through.
Thank You Earl.
Jim Corbeil.   2020 05 04

Thank You Very Much for that fine story Jim.  Earl and I encourage every reader to send along their story!!  It may not seem like a Big Deal >> it does not have to be a Big Deal!!!  We just appreciate hearing from our Followers.  Please send your story to Stanistheman_200@yahoo.com

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