Glen Recounts Some of the “Big Changes” that Have Been Made In Our Game.

Big Changes Have Happened by Glen Peltier.

Did you know that when I started in the late eighties? The main event was called until 2.30 the first day and consolation was only called after 2.30. No main event was called after 2.30. The consolation was one game to 100. We practiced on both colors, lagged, and played one game. The main event usually finished at the same time as consolation, somewhere around five o’clock.

The real shocker was a brand new chart was made for consolation. The director had much more control over who played who in consolation. Bill Smith the state tournament director changed that and put consolation directly under the person you lost to. No one cared about consolation as no points were given. After a few years one point was given for first. Soon followed came two for first, second, and third.

If anyone wants to know anything about the past, you can leave a comment or write me at Maybe you know of a parent or a friend that I might know just how great they were. I made so many friends over the years and I miss them. Glen Peltier

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