Peltier Offers Kind Remarks Regarding Eldridge. 2020 05 05

Glen Shares His View of an Accomplished Lady Shuffler. 

Glen Speaks:  I try never to write about one person because there are so many great players but I feel I must honor one Lady that whatever I say cannot do her justice.  Her name is Mary Eldridge. She does it all with no fanfare, no great speeches, just playing the game her way. She played at a very young age and was very successful. She moved away but never stopped thinking of the game.

I was playing when Mary came back to Florida and I was thrilled to meet this lady I had heard so much about. I watched her and I knew she was very disciplined. she did not seem to make wrong shots; she executed so perfectly. I was still in the learning stage but she still took time to help me with my shot selection. Mary believes in herself and will try any shot she feels is the right one no matter how difficult it is. With Mary it is the game that comes first. What she has done in St. Petes is a wonder in itself. It is hard for me to write about Mary because I feel no matter what I write I can never do her justice.

Glen Peltier.  2020 05 02.  To add to Glen’s fine remarks, I will now give you equally fine remarks prepared by the 100th Anniversary Research Analyst, Kenny Offenther. Click once on the link.


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1 Response to Peltier Offers Kind Remarks Regarding Eldridge. 2020 05 05

  1. Earl A Ball says:

    If you ever have a chance, sit down and talk shuffleboard with this lady. Her thoughts will be so different than what you are used too. When you get done your head will be spinning because you know she’s right but you’ll have no idea what you can do to help!
    Remember, I’ve been at this since 1997 and I’m still amazed!


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