We Give You An Important Message from the FSA President > Dave Kudro and Comment by State TD Glenn Monroe

 FSA Board Members >> Message From President Dave Kudro

The COVID-19 situation continues to change daily. My concern is if we see spikes of infections in Florida during any one of the three planned stages of opening up the economy. If there are increases we could be back to a previous stage. My guess is that come mid to late August we’d have a pretty good idea how this all is headed. September would be the decision month. The whole season probably wouldn’t be canceled. If there is still uncertainty, we’d probably cancel it a month to two months at a time. The 2020-21 schedule would stay the same and it would begin at whatever date we begin. Example…If it doesn’t start till after Thanksgiving, we’d start with P09 on Nov. 30 and finish a shortened season with P27. We all will have to take a serious look at the process for keeping our FSA members safe. We (FSA Board) will also have to address face masks, the challenge of disinfecting and sanitizing courts, benches, scoreboards, erasers, doors, faucets, drinking fountains to ANYTHING we touch. I have yet to see where you can buy Purell or other hand sanitizers. Everywhere I’ve looked it’s out of stock. If the six-foot restriction will still be in effect, how do we maintain that while shuffling? I have a thought we could possibly TEMPORARILY suspend the following two (2) FSA Rules:
Rule 6. Players may stand behind the baseline extension in the alley between the courts before or while shooting, but not on the adjoining court. (This would allow shufflers to stand on the adjoining court if it’s not being used to maintain the 6-foot requirement.)
Rule 8. Players must not leave the court during a game without permission, except to gather discs at the end of the half-round. (This would allow players when play is at the other end, (head-foot) to stand behind or off to the side of the court if possible.)
Again these are only my ideas and other board members may have differing opinions. What I do know is the FSA board will do everything possible and will get it right to whatever the new shuffleboard normal will be.

David P Kudro FSA President


I have been considering much the same temporary rule changes. If we combine those changes with using only every other court, we should be able to maintain the 6’ separation. It would probably extend the length of the tournament, but at least they could be played.

I also agree that we need not make any definite changes until September.  Glenn Monroe


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9 Responses to We Give You An Important Message from the FSA President > Dave Kudro and Comment by State TD Glenn Monroe

  1. connieroop says:

    I’m thinking about buying my own court from Allen Co. I think I have space in the front yard. That way at least I can practice till this whole thing is over!!!!!


  2. Kathy brennan says:

    Here is 1of my thoughts for Clearwater. U would need 3 courts to play 1 match
    The court u play on u do not sit there , u sit on the next court next to u also when u are shooting your opponent stays on his other court but. Still there is the touching of the disc , which u could not handle the disc with you hand, This whole process it not going to be easy , but we got to keep thinking


  3. Elaine Antaya says:

    Thanks for the update and the hard work . Safe safe and healthy


  4. john Houghtaling says:

    Very Good thoughts about the situation all of us may face in the fall. Good to be planning for difficulties now but still being optimistic that the schedule can be played as usual if usual will ever be in vogue again!!


  5. Eileen Gallagher says:

    Dave – Being a snowbird and times being what they are, I rely on my computer a lot, specifically this website, for information regarding the game of Shuffleboard which I love and yes sometimes h—. So thanks for the timely and positive update Dave. You’ve provided lot’s of food for thought. It’s good to know we have our FSA Board, our District Boards, as well as TD Glenn Monroe at the helm considering all options as we navigate these troubled times. Thanks again all.
    Stay safe and stay healthy everyone.
    Eileen Gallagher

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  6. Tom Winkelspecht says:

    If possible, I hope the board can agree earlier than September as to when the season will start. I’d like to have the opportunity to make other plans.


    • Earl A Ball says:

      Good point Tom! Me too!
      Don’t know what we would do but enough is enough, I’d like to do something.


  7. Glen Peltier says:

    Keep looking for hand sanitizers with alcohol in it. You also can put rubbing alcohol mixed with the hand sanitizer. It is starting to appear sometimes in small amounts. Keep a small bottle on the courts. I have picked up several bottles lately with 60 and 70 percent alcohol. It is better than wearing gloves. People who don,t play will say we are the prime target but i can see so many ways all my friends that are so responsible can be very safe. So many players are looking forward to the season. Glen Peltier.

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  8. Earl A Ball says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I never realized a week is so long!


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