The Terror of Chasing a Masters Berth!! by Earl Ball.


John and Gary have a pedigree we’d all like to have. Both are “Masters” Champions as District Ams. John has qualified as a District Masters player each year he has played. Gary was co-champion in the Pro Division in 2018 when he and John teamed up on Earl and John, somehow, was able to win a game from Earl in the last match to allow Gary to tie. As I understand it, John really enjoyed the steak dinner reward. They both realize the only way to keep Earl from winning this season was to have the Masters canceled.
They started together and just finished their 4th year as Pro teammates. In keeping with Zephyrhills tradition, they had to prove their worthiness as Champions by qualifying for the State Masters. They did it! We hope they get the White Jacket they deserve.
Gary didn’t get to Florida until November and don’t you know he put an immediate end to Dave Kudro record of five straight Championships to start the season; he was Dave’s partner. John and Gary have played many of the States venues but this season they had to go almost everywhere. Glen Peltier will tell you the only way to make the Masters is to play all of the tournaments and I agree. They won some tournaments they had lost and lost some tournaments they had won. Champions know how that goes. They had to really play hard late in the season to hold on to their Masters berths, but they did it.
Zephyrhills is proud of their efforts!  (2020 05 05)

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2 Responses to The Terror of Chasing a Masters Berth!! by Earl Ball.

  1. Jim and Marlene Corbeil says:

    Way to go Guys.You are great players and great people. I am proud to have you both as friends.
    Jim Corbeil, President CNSA

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  2. Earl A Ball says:

    I’m just sure I won’t have trouble getting them to write their own story next time!


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