Some Articles Are Just So Good That We Have To Repeat Them!!! Earl Ball Demonstrates Humility???

This article is really about International Shuffleboard Events!!  The Next International Event will be held in San Benito TX in OCTOBER OF 2021.  It is NOT too early to begin planning!!!  Read what Earl has to say about such events in THIS article!!

Stan Speaks: This is a live interview I did with Earl during the Lakeside, OH International World Championship.

The ever eloquent Earl Ball demonstrates that he is also capable of humility ~~ just listen to his interview with THE SHUFFLER: “I am speaking with Earl Ball at Lakeside, OH; it is a beautiful sunny day, and believe it or not, “Earl the Pearl” has just lost his very first match of this event to Rocky Briggs of California!! (Rocky was playing for Brazil)
While the loss is still fresh in your mind, while you are still emotionally distraught, tell us how it feels to lose to California’s own Rocky Briggs!!” Earl: “Rocky played just an absolutely outstanding game ~~ made every shot; and I didn’t make the same shot twice and consequently I went down the drain.” THE SHUFFLER: “What do you think of the event thus far?” Earl: “OH, this is an outstanding event! Of course, the real payoff in an event like this is bringing everybody together from all around the world. It is nice to win, everybody wants to win, but the real payoff is having players here from all different countries ~~ and with the subject being Shuffleboard.”
THE SHUFFLER thanks Earl ~~ always the consummate showman when it comes to shuffling!! He and Stan Williamson contributed significantly while at Lakeside, not only to the Lakeside event, but to the sport in general. You may read Earl’s “WINNING TIPS” on the page SHUFFLERS NEWS.
Stan and Alf of THE SHUFFLER: 2006 08 26 AND REPEATED 2013 04 29.

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