Are YOU REALLY Serious With Regard To “Climbing the Ladder”?? By Earl Ball!!

Lots of players are good players, could even become Champions, but are missing a little something! We’ll try to help, and we’ll begin by seeing if you are Prepared to win.

OK, You have gone this far, click on the link to test your DETERMINATION, AND ENTHUSIASM!!! SoYouWantToBeAChampion5-7-2020  Save the file providing that you CONTINUE to have the determination and enthusiasm now that you have read the “PREPARATION” component!!!  Earl Ball.  05-08-2020

Hey Earl!!  I do none of those things!!??  Do you think that might explain why the Shuffleboard World looks to you for ADVICE >> AND NOT ME????



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6 Responses to Are YOU REALLY Serious With Regard To “Climbing the Ladder”?? By Earl Ball!!

  1. debsturat says:

    Awesome. Thank you. !!!!! You think of things on the court I had never, ever considered. Thanks again!


  2. Earl A Ball says:

    Stan, you did your usual great job!
    Maybe you can put up the comment you made when you read the 1st iteration. I can’t find it,


  3. john Houghtaling says:

    Great read!!!..


  4. Joan McCurdy says:

    Thank you, Earl for the time you are spending to both entertain ~ and help. Some new and even the hints I knew, it is always good to have a refresher. I always appreciate.


  5. debsturat says:

    Have searched for Wilbur Estes’ book. Do you know where I could get a copy? Or borrow a copy? (Deb Stuart)


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