Glen Peltier Speaks Today!! 2020 05 08. There are many readers who just may respond to his last sentence???

I have been asked over and over who was or is the Best Player?????

Who was or is the best shot-maker?? Who was my best partner??

No matter how I try to answer these questions I have to say I DON‘T KNOW. All my partners, as well as myself, had good days and bad days. There are so many players I have not played with. I always thought my partners were as good or better than me. I was lucky to get them. When Phil Reboltz was on he could carry anyone making one good shot after another. George Shaver who I played with to make my 1000 point is the same. Dave Minnich can play flawlessly game after game and is easy to win with. Rosaire Biron, Jacques Bergeron, Russ Dehart. Dick Whitaker, All were great, but also had bad days. Ralph Webb, Jim Miller, Mel Erb, Maurice Baker, Russ Dehart were all top players. Junior Kinney and Rosaire Cote were all winners. Lee Jordon,, Stan Williamson could do it all. I have left out more than I named because I don’t feel anyone can answer that question honestly. I see players that are unknown in Betmar and many other clubs that can beat anyone. Put Paul Prescott and any partner and you have a winner. I think Earl and Henry just might make the big time. Dean and Shafer look very good. Skip M’ Coy was considered the top player at the time. Mike Vassalotti also, but I could think all day long but don,t think anyone was the best.

After all that; I don’t think anyone will ask me that question again. Would anyone else care to answer that question???

Glen Peltier.  Rx by Stan on 2020 05 07.

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2 Responses to Glen Peltier Speaks Today!! 2020 05 08. There are many readers who just may respond to his last sentence???

  1. Earl A Ball says:

    I played on the other end from Stan Williamson in his hay day. Stan could and did make incredible shots time and again. I’ve never seen a better shot maker.


  2. Glen Peltier says:

    Earl, the reason you and Stan won so much is because you played as a great team. You never was critical of Stan and that allowed him to make those great shots. Glen.


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