The ISA Visits Ocean City New Jersey As Does A Hurricane > Both at the Same Time.

Glen Would Never Tell You >> But I will!!  The American Men Placed First; The Canadian Women Placed First!! At the 1985 International Shuffleboard Championship in Ocean City New Jersey!!! **

Glen Peltier Speaks: This is one International I don’t talk much about. Everyone arrives on Monday and we enjoy our Meet and Greet meal and get to know each other. This was my first International as president of the Canadian National Assn. By the way, I could never figure out why I was president after playing only one year as a pro???

Nick Klym took me aside and told me hard shooting was a concern. Everyone from Canada was afraid of the President getting sued. Things do change. There was not much to do except the boardwalk and Donald Trump’s casino.  Always in the back of our mind was this large storm that was heading to the Carolinas. The courts were good and the weather fine but in the back of our mind was the storm that turned into a hurricane was building. We were told on Wed, the play would stop one day early. We were going to play only until noon on Thursday; have our banquet and cancel the last day of play.

Our rooms were paid until Saturday and some planned on staying. The Japanese had their flights booked for Saturday and could not leave until then. I filled my car up Wednesday night and packed. As soon as the banquet was over I decided to leave. Most were going to head inland a few hundred miles, then stay over and head south the next day. I decided to stay on the main highway and head south right then. All the traffic was coming north and taking arteries inland. I kept heading south. The wind was terrible and my wife was screaming all the way. I drove for about six hours or so and the radio said the hurricane would make landfall in two hours just as I was passing the spot it was going to hit. The wind was blowing so hard it was hard to stay on the road and my wife was still screaming. It took the hurricane two more hours to hit land just as I found a tall building to get behind. A man was standing behind the building and was beating his wife or girlfriend really bad. I got out of the car to yell at him and he pointed a gun aimed right at me. I got back in my car and drove another mile or two. My wife stopped screaming. That was 35 years ago and no cell phone. I found a phone booth but the phone was dead. That experience continues to haunt me to this day.  I was happy to play the next year in San Benito. What can I say except I would’nd missed it for the world?

Glen Peltier. (Rx. by Stan on 2020 05 08)

**Stan Speaks: Ocean City was still active in 2015, some 30 years after Glen was there???  How long has “this guy” been shuffling??? Many of you will remember Chick and Irene Cowell. I am inserting their pic, as well as a Newspaper interview as Chick and Irene prepared to compete in the very first ISA event in Brazil!! Interview of the Cowells 2015 08 08 (10 yrs later)

Stan writing on 2020 05 08.


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2 Responses to The ISA Visits Ocean City New Jersey As Does A Hurricane > Both at the Same Time.

  1. debsturat says:



  2. Earl A Ball says:

    Glen cut it close!
    Makes you wonder how different the world of shuffleboard would have been had he not gotten back in the car. Glen has been a major factor in keeping the game as pure as possible.
    Great article about the Cowells, good people!


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