Winning Tips by Earl Ball, Article 3 Posted 2020 05 08.

WINNING TIPS by earl ball;

It’s really not too hard to do on beaded courts; just rare back and let it fly!! But on rough courts you might just still be there, happens all the time because the blocks don’t move forward as easily. Many a person has stood and shook their head as they tried several times only to find themselves still in there! “Aim at something else”. When you aim at the edge of a block your eye for some reason, often takes you back right on the center of the block. I, like everyone else, had problems with this until Dale Williams gave me a tip. Aim at an intersection on the other end or someone’s foot or some other item that if you hit your target, you’ll clip the block on the way past. That keeps you from aiming at the block itself; it is also about the only time you’ll hear me say it’s OK to shot from someplace other than the inside or outside position. Move the shooting block where you can get an angle on an intersection. This is also how I teach clearing (yes, I can clear even if you have never seen me do it and don’t believe it).

By now you know, I hope, that you never always do something and never is treated the same way. Sometimes you have to do what you never do. It depends on whom you are playing, whom you partner is playing, and how well you are both playing, not to mention the score and lots of other situations. Last week Joan Cook and I were playing a match and the other team had 67 and the hammer from the head. We had 65 and she had a Tampa; a little too much to the center of the point, with one shot left, she did the right thing, she shot a 7 on the open side of the board so they couldn’t win. You can count on Joan to shoot the right shot but for once I wish she had shot the wrong shot and tried to bump on the 10, she’s a very good 10 shooter. They made their last hammer and won. “Sometimes the wrong shot is the winning shot”. Earl Ball, 2006 07 09.

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