We Give You A Little About Shuffling in AZ and TXWe Thank Sandi Quinn.


Stan with hair on my face on the right!!  That is Jack Rathwell standing with Lois and I >> in the year 2004!!

We have now been in Arizona for 2 months, just about long enough to find our “way to the courts”!! However; I thought it may be appropriate to comment on some of the similarities and some of the differences between the approach to the sport in Arizona and Florida. Since I have shuffled in FL for about 5 years, and in AZ for just over 5 weeks, my reference point must be my experience in FL. Further, the observations I will offer on AZ shuffling are based on my experience in Tucson, AZ~~I cannot attest to the applicability of my observations in other areas of AZ. Nuts and Bolts: Terminology; Courts in Florida equals Boards in Arizona; Cues in Florida equals Sticks in Arizona; Discs in Florida equals Pucks in Arizona; Beads in Florida equals Wax in Arizona. A kitchen in Florida is 10 Off; in Arizona it is 10 Down. In Florida you almost never have a match with either a referee or a scorekeeper; in Arizona you almost never have a match without both a referee and scorekeeper! ((I understand that this has changed.)) Speed of the Courts/Boards: Let me say that the Arizonians strive for and achieve a speed on the courts/boards which would be considered undesirable for the Floridian player!! I will offer some examples of the normal behaviour of discs/pucks: In preparation for shooting, on many courts/boards it is impossible to keep the discs in your area of the 10 off/down area. It is impossible because the court is so smooth that the most minute imperfection in the surface allows the disc/puck to slide left or right or forward or back, which it regularly does. The AZ Rules allow the “parking” of the discs/pucks to the side or back. These imperfections, coupled with a highly cleaned, polished, and waxed surface, guarantees gyrations and motions from the disc/puck, which are almost beyond explanation!! You may think you have a 10, you make think you have an 8~~just wait a few seconds and the counter may turn into a non-counter OR of course the reverse!! Let me make an observation at this point. To one who has grown accustomed to the relative predictability of the Florida courts, this “unusual” activity of the disc/puck is both confusing and frustrating. It follows that the FL Player is likely to come to the conclusion that such action is undesirable. However; let me assure all, that the AZ Players view these oscillations, view these reversals of counting to noncounting, as an added challenge, a challenge that many have worked diligently to overcome. It is my observation that fewer points are scored in a given duration of play. (I have avoided the use of terms here, hopefully to provide greater clarity). This may explain in part, the reason for frame games only in Arizona. For our Arizona users, the standard match in Florida is 75 points~~first team or single to reach~~And, not a single game to 75 points, but rather a match is best 2 out of 3 75 point games. The standard in Arizona for a match is 1 16 frame game, 8 frames on one colour and 8 on the other. There are other differences/similarities which I will explore in subsequent articles. Do hope you will stay tuned, do hope that you will send me an email if you believe that I have erred, that I have been unfair, OR if you would like to suggest another area worthy of discussion. Send your email to stanistheman_200@yahoo.com (Reporter Stan writing on 2004 01 07)

And now, Let’s Go To The Great State of TX by Sandi Quinn!!

HOW DO THEY DO IT IN SOUTH TEXAS by SANDI QUINN  For those of us who have never shuffled in TX, this is a great article. Click on the link > the underlined sentence above.  Stan. 2020 05 09.


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1 Response to We Give You A Little About Shuffling in AZ and TXWe Thank Sandi Quinn.

  1. Earl A Ball says:

    This brings back memories!
    I played out west in California and Arizona. Maybe I was in one of those places another time. I do remember the horror I felt the 1st time in California I had a heck of a time . My buddy Rocky Briggs tried to held me but I was just plain terrible. When I went to Arizona I was much better prepared and felt OK. I still was not very good. Now when I think of the experience I believe it must be a real challenge to master that game and your own mind at the same time.
    They had fine facilities, not large but Air Conditioned.
    Texas by Sandi is a good thing for all of us to read because we may be looking at our own game!


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