Jim Allen Discusses the Impact of COVID-19 on the Business; AND, Looks Forward to Increasing His Participation When the Season Opens!!

Hello Earl, Beth has asked me to put down in a few words what it is like to be a shuffleboard vendor during these Covid-19 times. I guess my first response would be that it’s just like being a vendor before the pandemic, but with virtually little to no sales!

While the state of Florida is allowing retail stores to open in a limited capacity, we have chosen to keep our storefront closed at this time. There are several reasons for this, not the least of which involves the average age of our customers, which parallels the most vulnerable segment of the population. Having a compromised immune system myself, and of course both Beth and I having elderly parents in the area, it all leads to an overabundance of caution.

That being said, customers who need supplies during this time can order and we will ship out the product, or in local cases we set the product out front for a pickup. Since most shuffleboard clubs, hotels, campgrounds, cruise ships, etc are shuttered for the time being it will take some time to get back to some sense of normality, whatever the new normal becomes.

The past year or two I had the opportunity to play in a few more tournaments, even becoming a state am this past season. As Josh continues to learn more about the business I am hopeful that trend continues next season. I realize as with everything right now there is no certainty of tournaments, etc., but at some point my goal is to play even more events. It’s been said it takes 10 minutes to learn how to play shuffleboard, and 10 years to become good at it, and I believe this is so very true!

Wishing everyone to stay safe and take precautions not only for your own safety, but for the health of those around you as well.


Jim Allen

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1 Response to Jim Allen Discusses the Impact of COVID-19 on the Business; AND, Looks Forward to Increasing His Participation When the Season Opens!!

  1. John Houghtaling says:

    On behalf of the Central District and its members we thank you for your continued support of this great game that we all love but, more importantly, we wish you and yours to be healthy, safe and have continuing success with your business operations into the future!!!! See you on the courts Jim!!.
    Respectfully, John Houghtaling, President Central District

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