Earl’s Sister Yvonne Comments!! Will She Be The Next Ball to Take Up The Game???


Earl’s Sister Yvonne Comments: Whenever I thought of shuffleboard, it was about older people on a cement pad with a stick and disk. Little did I know what it really is. When Earl said he was shuffling, I had no idea what he was really doing. We were in Michigan and he was in Florida each living our own lives.
After retiring my husband and I started spending part of the year in Florida. It wasn’t until we went to Betmar to watch Earl in a tournament that I had a real eye-opener. There were so many courts and so many people shuffling! It took a while to find him, but we did. Earl explained the game to help me understand what was happening. What an amazing competition! All the shufflers would look at my husband and because we were new faces. A few asked me who I was watching and of course I replied “my brother Earl Ball”. They all said they knew him.
I knew he was good, but didn’t realize how good. When I watched him I was mesmerized at how much control he had. It was as if the discs were magnetized and knew exactly where to stop.
He texted me pictures from Venice this year with the courts in the background, Unbelievable! I knew he had shuffled all over the world, but hadn’t seen pictures before. I keep telling him how I brag about him all the time. I realize now how hard he has worked and the endless hours he put in to try and perfect his skills.
I have been blessed to have him come to Michigan twice so I could see him compete. Last summer he came to Battle Creek for a tournament. My husband and I went to watch. I asked him if he came just for me, and he replied “That’s exactly why I am here.”
I am exceptionally proud of you and what you have been able to accomplish Earl and I love you!
Your one and only sister,
Yvonne Ball Price

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