Henry Strong Comments from His Home Base In Ontario!!

Henry Strong Speaks:  Hi everyone.

I have been reading the comments from many different people and have found some accounts as something I had not heard of and some people who were really fine players.
As for what is going on in my neck of woods as of now all shuffleboard has been canceled; our first tournament was scheduled for the end of May and one every two weeks thereafter.
I am not as optimistic about an FSA schedule this fall as some others. I truly believe that if there is no vaccine by October >> how many shufflers will be willing to go out to play??
I believe the way of life that we had grown accustomed to is a thing of the past.  I also believe that social distancing will still be in effect this fall.
In Canada, especially Ontario, our Premier has taken a very tuff approach to the virus.  We have a tournament at the end of August and it remains canceled and if it stands at that, I can’t imagine things changing that much in one month.
Hope everyone stays safe and all is well here.

Henry Strong.

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3 Responses to Henry Strong Comments from His Home Base In Ontario!!

  1. James Corbeil says:

    I think you are right Henry. If things don’t get better by late summer there will not be an insurance company who will give us out of Country insurance. We need a vaccine there is no doubt.
    Stay safe.
    Jim Corbeil

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  2. Maureen Bryan says:

    Canadian’s are going to be disappointed if we can’t go to our southern homes this fall, but we are realistic as well. We will get past this, but need to use common sense in the situation. We have cancelled all tournaments in Ontario, as well as all venues have cancelled their daily play, for the safety of all their members. We can hope next season will get us all started with shuffleboard again in Ontario. We can spend our winters as we have in the past, at home and safe. Wishing everyone above all, health and better days ahead. Maureen Bryan, Sec. OSA.

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