Earl Ball Did’nt Say This >> OR, Did He?? You Decide and Please Leave a Comment!!


I really don’t want to agree with Henry but I do!**
If there is no vaccine, I can’t believe many in our age group will compete. This is a tragedy for our sport but, also maybe a great opportunity to recreate our game. What type of game will bring players and potential players back to the sport as tournament players? Don’t get me wrong, I am a 75-point game player period, but maybe I am wrong, maybe what I like isn’t best for Shuffleboard anymore; hard to believe isn’t it! I hope our leaders are taking this time to reassess the game as are other sports. Maybe we need a total overhaul!
We all know we have lost the largest number of shufflers to “waiting”. Maybe as Doug Schmitt suggested sometime back, Major Championships could remain as is. Maybe the other tournaments need to have some kind of clock built-in. Maybe that means frames. Maybe that means a clock. Maybe we need set times like out west for matches to start or like Texas plays; that being one game is a match.
I do know this, after playing a State Tournament for two or two and a half days I’m ready for something where time is a little more predictable The Central District plays 16 frames or 75 points, whichever comes first, games. It’s nice to have the byes on the top of the chart and if you draw one it’s nice to have the tournament director say you can go home in the middle of the afternoon or if you didn’t get a bye you will still finish around 4:00. The Central District also plays draw tournaments and I don’t care for that part, even though I’ve been very successful with that format, but once again, maybe I’m wrong for the future good of the game. This is just one format that I happen to be familiar with, but there must be others or maybe a new one can be invented.
Maybe a clean-sheet start over needs to be looked at, even consider a new name for the organization, throw out the records and start over; what would the game look like?
We have very good and smart people on our State Board, I’m sure they must be using the time we all have to take a good look at what the future will require for the game to flourish!

I can’t believe I’ve said this! Earl 5-12-2020 Why Not Leave A Comment????

**Re Earl’s Opening Sentence: Go Here: https://theshuffler.net/2020/05/12/henry-strong-comments-from-his-home-base-in-ontario/ 


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17 Responses to Earl Ball Did’nt Say This >> OR, Did He?? You Decide and Please Leave a Comment!!

  1. Terry Rainwater says:

    Wow, sounds like some of the things I was promoting 10 years ago! This virus brought Lemons, maybe y’all can make Lemonade out of this! Good luck!


  2. Glen Peltier says:

    The game of shuffleboard has been successful for so many years even no matter how often we have tried to change it. Our numbers adding all of the splits are not that bad. Sure we are down but considering we are playing at the top level of the game in the entire world. We can do whatever we want in the district or our parks but i hate to think we would give up something that has taken so many years to perfect. A good hard fought game is so rewarding. We tried draws in the state. People came to the first one and it went down ever after that. We are the envy of all the world. Others use our rules. Do we have to water this sport down. If we do we will all look back and remember when.


    • Earl A Ball says:

      Glen I wish I could agree with you but you point out playing on a double chart. I started as an amateur on a near full chart, week after week, and on a coupe of occasions a double chart as a Pro. Now we think a full chart is 32 teams. We can add many splits together and still not reach 32 teams. Taking you and I out of the equation because we are at the end of successful careers, shuffleboard is going need to do something different to draw players that will be lost to the virus and in the fall when the media mentions Flu season and point out many more die from the flu than are going to die from the virus we will lose many more players.


  3. Mike Collins says:

    I’m not sure I know what needs to be changed, but I do know this, if we don’t get a strong amateur division going there will be no one left to play pro anyways.
    Mike Collins

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  4. Joan Wheeler says:

    As I played shuffleboard over the years I learned a lot by watching. If you dont get a court, watch those who are playing to compare them and how you like to play. Watch winners who have perfected the game and you can learn a lot.. You dont become a pro overnight as it takes a lot of practice and patience. submitter by Joan . Wheeler, retired player


    • Earl A Ball says:

      Joan I miss you! We don’t have a Joan Wheeler any more. I’ve often wanted to show a picture of you wearing your hat. Can you, please, send me a picture?


  5. Joan McCurdy says:

    I appreciate Earl, that you great players are interesting in the future of this game. Maybe there could be a committee of players to look at different possibilities.
    I would like to bring attention to a good number of players over the years who had been told after their game something about their game, meant as help but was heard as insensitive as was given embarrassingly in front of other players. Some of these players stopped attending tournaments.


  6. Glen Peltier says:

    The reason i teach in Clearwater is that exact thing. You have to give the novice player a chance to learn. Not teach at the top level but teach at a level the student will keep coming back. The novice player has to have Fun. Glen.


  7. Glen Peltier says:

    Earl a 64 chart will always be a full chart and a 32 chart will always be a half chart. You haven,t been around long enough.


  8. John Mickle says:

    Always great to hear Earl and Glenn’s opinions and comments, plus those from others. No matter what is said, it is difficult to disagree with Mike Collins’ thoughts. Without amateurs coming up the ranks the future will not be good. This is a tough subject but one that needs to be addressed and now might be a good time.


  9. Tom Winkelapecht says:

    My wife thinks there should be a reservation system. This might avoid long waits caused when you receive a bye. The host club should be on standby to fill the chart should you be short by a player or two, ir a team. Just passing her thoughts along.,


    • Earl Ball says:

      Tom can you imagine the young players shaking there head in disbelieve that as simple as that is to do that we don’t do it!
      I love taking to the Royal Palms players. They have something new they are doing on their phones all the time.


  10. Glen Peltier says:

    Earl, you could never offend me. I am your biggest fan. I have two words for you. TOTAL RESPECT. WE used to have many double charts. The were two 64 charts. That was two full charts. I 64 chart was 1 full chart. Your still young. More than just me are pulling for you.


    • Jerry Stannard Pres. Golf Lakes says:

      I think this upcoming year may need some changes like playing frames at the state level with open courts between and allowing only pros. People are going to be very leery maybe, or may not want to play at all depending on the virus situation. I will look for a picture of Joan but I did put my pins on my hat for Joan’s induction into the SWC HOF and explained the significance of it. I’m sure we’ll come up with something by Oct.


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