Success In The Central District!! We Look Back to 2016

An Active Day of Shuffling in the Central District!! See Below!

To-day, Jan 07th, 2016, 178 Shufflers of Florida’s Central District Competed on the Courts!!  Three Parks were involved. Two adjacent Parks host the District Amateur Event: Woodbrook and Georgetowne, both on Ariana St in Lakeland, each directly across the street from the other. For shufflers who need assistance, we “Cart” them from one Park to the other.
90 of the 178 were District Amateurs competing in a Modified Format which ensures every player competes in six 16 Frame Games on Day 1. Players draw for a different partner for each Game. The top 16 players, based on the number of wins, combined with a score where necessary, will return for Day 2. On Day 2 the 16 will play a normal Shuffleboard Event. The “Top 16” are shown in the pic at the top!!
For more detail, go here:

This format has proven most satisfying to the District Amateurs. It began in 2013 with 92 players participating; in 2014 we had 116 players; in 2015, 62; and this year, 2016, 90. Very clearly, the “proof” is in the numbers!! Amateurs continue to demonstrate they enjoy this format!!!
Tomorrow, Jan 08th, these 16 players will draw for a partner, keep that partner, and play a “normal” shuffleboard tournament. Eight will finish in the Main Event; eight will finish in the Consolation Event!! Only one team will have the bragging rights of WINNERS!! We will be present to take pictures and share with you the results!! PRIZE MONEY, INCIDENTALLY, IS TERRIFIC!!
We said 178 shufflers competed to-day; the balance, 88 Shufflers competed in CDP11, Pro St Am Draw Doubles held at Sanlan. This Sanlan event is also ongoing. Rain is forecast tomorrow and we JUST MAY have to relocate both of these events!! We are prepared!! ((Lakeland has covered courts!))
Stan McCormack. 2016 01 07

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3 Responses to Success In The Central District!! We Look Back to 2016

  1. Earl Ball says:

    I really like this format!
    We play it at our tournament in St Cloud around Xmas. St Cloud is a 2 hour ride so if you return the 2nd day you know you have something.


  2. John d Houghtaling says:

    One of the “BEST” AM Tournaments within the Central District is in Woodbrook as is the newly formed TOC formulated by the FSA for ams recently and here in Zephyrhills at Forrest Lake Estates where that am tournament has now been played for many years. Within the CD folks such as David Earle, Glenn Monroe and Jennette Harvey play a vital role in helping with these am tournaments donating their precious time to help keep the am program flourishing! “ALL” of those who play shuffle board here in the state of Florida, especially the pros, should have a vested interest with our ams!!! It remains imperative that “ALL” of us who play the game encourage, help and teach those who are going to carry on the sport. If we do not assume that responsibility, shuffle board as we know it will simply fade away!!!!
    John Houghtaling, CD Pres.

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