Article 4 of Series 1 of Glen’s Look Back Series.

The Shuffler is Most Fortunate to Have Articles, “Look Back” Articles, by an Active, Living Shuffler, Who Competed At That Time!!!

Article 4 in Glen’s Series 1.

In the early nineties, I believe most of the strong male players were people like Dick Whitaker, Glen Peltier, Junior Kinney, Russ DeHart, followed by, Dave Stott, and Paul Prescott.

Junior Kinney was the top amateur in our District and I convinced him to play all the tournaments with me. He was so great and I was lucky because everyone wanted to play with Junior. We were only amateurs but agreed to only play in the pro. tournaments. The second tournament, (the Jimmie Cleveland Doubles) in Bradenton, we entered and we came in first. Now we were pros!!

We had to play against all the top players including such strong players like the powerful Dick Whitaker who played with Russ DeHart. They were instantly considered the top team. Whitaker was not only a great doubles player but also a great singles player. Russ DeHart played with me for years when Dick took some time off from shuffleboard. Russ told me, I can’t do the things you and Dick can but I will hide on my opponent’s hammer and get my hammer. He was the very best partner a player could be. He did not like singles but one of the greatest double partner ever. Paul Prescott was so lucky when the great Ken Worden saw something in this young man he liked. Paul has had a long career, and for all players who know him and have played against him, know just how good he is. We know how good he is but he will always be underrated. He is that good.
Dave Stott was known as a good old boy. He was like Chris Stutzman. He was easy to win with. I played once in a long tournament with Dave once, and never lost a game. I believe these times when we had powerful players from the past and great new ones coming up were so much fun.

Glen Peltier.

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2 Responses to Article 4 of Series 1 of Glen’s Look Back Series.

  1. susan b. daidone says:

    I wish I could have seen Dick Whitaker and Russ DeHart playing as partners…I have been told they were unbeatable…I did get to watch them play singles in their later years at the BSC and was always amazed at some of the shots they would take…


  2. Earl A Ball says:

    I had a chance to play in the era of Dick Whitaker and he certainly was a great player as is and was Glen. I didn’t get to see Junior or Russ much, maybe only once but I did see Dave Stott and was always up toward the top but wouldn’t play the “Masters”. When I asked him why not he said he didn’t need to prove everyone could beat him, I don’t think they would have.
    Paul Prescott may be underrated by some but not by anyone in the Central District, he is one of our stars!


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