Earl Ball Asks: What Are The Important Point Markers In A Game??? 2020 05 16

What are the important point markers in a game!

Earl Ball Speaks:  I’m sure I will cover this again later and probably with more thought. One of our players asked me today what markers I consider important in a game (75 Point). Of course, 60 is always important both physiologically and as a chance to win the game. I work in 15-point increments, others use different numbers. I’ll try to get 61 instead of 60 because now any two scores will win. I’ll take 59 because 2-8s will win but I know one of the opponents will take us into the 7 to stop us. I’m always aware of the other players chance to get to 55 or above because the other team can win with two discs. Henry and I were beaten by our ex-friends, David Earle and Don Raymont when they each scored a 10 with us in the 70s and we were both aware and trying to stop them; we couldn’t do it. 45 is also very important and I’ll leave the opponents disc on the board if it’s high and they won’t have 45 but we will if I score. I’ll sneak a disc if it will get us to 45 from the foot even if their hammer will get them to the low 50s instead of trying to get their half-hidden disc off the board. There are other important markers but I’ll cover them later.

Earl Ball 2020 05 16.

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4 Responses to Earl Ball Asks: What Are The Important Point Markers In A Game??? 2020 05 16

  1. susan b. daidone says:

    I remember Ken Hartledge from BSC used a point system. He showed it to me but at that time I was just starting and it did not make sense to me..Thanks for that idea…SUE


  2. debsturat says:

    Wow — I can see that this is a thought process I will need to acquire. Thank you!


  3. LuelenCoughlin says:

    how many x-friends do you have? LOL. Do you recall a rain out at Muskegon, Mich a few years ago?


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