We Give You An Update on the Rebholz Family, Now in Indianna!!

This is an update on the Rebholz family that you requested.

Linda Speaks:  Phil and I finally made it to the farm in Indiana. Today is the last day of our required 14 days of quarantine.  (2020 05 16) The weather has been rain, wind and cold, in fact, we broke a record for cold last Friday. Thankfully, we have family who have shopped for our groceries.

Phil is happy here and enjoys his tractors which I call his toys. I am getting tired of my own cooking but I don’t think I will feel comfortable going to a restaurant for a long while. I don’t know if you heard the country song “Four Walls” but these walls are “closing in on me”!

The best news we have is named Rynlee Diana. She was born on May 8th and makes us 12 great-grandchildren. We have another one due in June (a boy).

We know everyone is disappointed that the shuffleboard play has mostly been suspended but pray that everyone stays safe.

Linda Rebholz. 2020 05 16.  I suggest you click on the link below!! Linda has been a strong and long time supporter/contributor of The Shuffler and Shuffleboard in general.  We thought we would give you just one article by Linda which demonstrates in spades her ability as a  reporter!!!! This is a very special report >> Linda enters the FSA HOF. Hall of fame-2019   


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1 Response to We Give You An Update on the Rebholz Family, Now in Indianna!!

  1. Earl A Ball says:

    Hi Linda,
    My mind perked right up when I read the sentence that Phil enjoyed it there with his tractors. You know he beat me last year and I’m planning on getting even, so don’t even think about staying there. I couldn’t bare him not coming back and having the final shuffleboard thought being “I beat Earl Ball”. I hope the walls cause you to come back.
    Stay safe!


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