Judy Taylor Was On The Cusp!!!

Judy’s Emotional State as She Was On The Cusp!

When Judy Taylor was on the cusp of establishing a new Modern Day Record at Clearwater in 2010, The Shuffler asked her if she would share with our readers, her emotional state of mind. Here is her reply. Remarks to follow are ver batum; I carried a recorder at that time.
“Being as honest as I can be, my emotional state of mind is one of peace and tranquility. About the same as it has been all this season. I never dreamed I would be at this place or never strived for it. I have played one tournament at a time. If I place I honestly feel blessed and thankful and if I don’t place I feel blessed and thankful for the enjoyment of shuffling and time spent with friends and look forward to the next tournament. Winning is wonderful and everyone wants to win but there are more important things in life.
I realize any ability I have has been given to me from God. If I would break the record I would accept it as one more blessing, if not, I have already accomplished more than I ever dreamed of. I have peace within.
Thank you Stan for the opportunity to express my feelings and I hope to see many of my friends at Clearwater for the Tournament of Champions.”
The Shuffler: Our Thanks to Judy “For Sharing”.
Stan and Alf. 2010-03-28

ALSO SEE: https://theshuffler.net/2015/04/07/fsa-pro-masters-results-end-of-day-2-and-we-check-into-our-archives-to-give-you-information-with-respect-to-judy-taylor/

Single Season Record Holders; Modern Era: Women: Judy Taylor 88, 2010/11; Joan Cook 79, 2004/05; Joan Cook 78, 2007/08; Pam Nurnberger 75, 2017/18; Joan Wheeler 71, 2004/05.

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  1. Earl A Ball says:

    One of the games really great Champions!


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