Betty Lloyd Was Recognized for her Achievements in 2009!!


Stan Speaking in 2009:  Betty competes regularly and successfully in National Tournaments in Florida and Ohio as well as representing America at 5 International Events. She has promoted the sport by participating in Inaugurals to Ireland and Brazil.
Betty has served on the US National board for the last six years as Treasurer. She served Ohio as Vice-President and then as President and was inducted into the Ohio Hall of Fame in 2007.
Betty is ranked as a pro in Florida and has served as a Delegate to the US National, representing the Southern District.
Congratulations Betty from all Shufflers on this acknowledgment of your significant contribution to the sport.
THE SHUFFLER; 2009-02-01.

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1 Response to Betty Lloyd Was Recognized for her Achievements in 2009!!

  1. seliseq1 says:

    Where are they & how are they??? We love Betty & Bud but have totally lost touch w/them. If anyone knows about them or how to contact them please let me know, thx. The evening of Betty’s induction to the National Hall of Fame was so special for her. She looked lovely and her whole family was there to help her celebrate. She’s a special lady and I was blessed to serve on the OSA board w/her. Sandi Q.


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