Saluting Those Who Went Before Us! Posted 2020 05 19

We Highlight Verna Carter who competed in the Very First ISA Tournament in Muskegon, MI in 1981.

Pic at top is of Canadian Teams at the Very First ISA in 1981.

JUNE OF 2008!! Among the first items on the order of business at the Napanee Summer Slam Team Tournament Event Extraordinaire was the introduction of honoured guest Verna Carter who was on the Canadian Women’s Team at the International Event in Muskegon MI of 1981!! Folks that is 39 (from 2020) years ago if you are doing the math!!
The Shuffler had identified Verna as being a Canadian representative and the Napanee Club had contacted her with regard to appearing at the opening of the Summer Slam of 2008. It was impossible to determine who was more pleased with her appearance; the 64 Shufflers present or Verna and her escort for the occasion!! Shown in the pic is CNSA President Stan McCormack presenting Verna an actual framed photograph of he 1981 Team!! The Shuffler ALSO presented Verna with the actual news clipping from the hometown Napanee newspaper of 1981.
Verna then took to the Courts while expressing the desire to again be back shuffling. Her aim was great; her delivery just fine!! However; she decided against participating; instead, wishing all of us the very best for a great tournament!!
We must tell you that in 1981 at Muskegon, Verna won 7 of her 11 Matches!! Congratulations and thanks to Verna and all of the Shufflers who participated in this historic 1981 very first International Shuffleboard Association Event. Stan McCormack of THE SHUFFLER 2020 05 19.


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2 Responses to Saluting Those Who Went Before Us! Posted 2020 05 19

  1. Michael Zellner says:

    Wonderfull story. Powerful and enlightening. Verna is smiling down on you this day.


  2. stanistheman says:

    Thank You Michael. Stan


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