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Some Interesting Information, AND Some Great Pix.

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To-day we often take for granted the marvellous North South Highways, leading to Florida, Texas and Arizona!!  It may not be a coincidince that Shuffleboard began about the same time as the highways.  I think that many of you just might enjoy this article!!!

Tin Can Tourists playing shuffleboard at a Dade City camp

Stan McCormack.  2012 05 31.

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2 Responses to Some Interesting Information!!

  1. Kathy Boutwell says:

    Stan, loved this article. Loved the pictures. My grandparents pulled a trailer from Michigan to the Bradenton Trailer Park around that time. They loved shuffleboard. Their names were Will and Lena Currier. My parents followed them down in later years and loved shuffleboard too. Then my sister and her husband moved here. They were both great shufflers. (Dick and Pat (Whitaker) Batdorff, and then I came to Florida and took up the sport. Thanks for many good memories.


  2. stanistheman says:

    Thank You so much!! So glad you enjoyed!! Stan


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