Bill Clever is Credited With The Creation of the FSA Website.

Bill Clever Tells Us How The FSA Website Came About!!

Stan Speaks: Bill Clever left us on 2011 12 05. A Memorial Service was held for him in Ohio. Bill is credited with the creation of the FSA Website! The objective of the group that he led follows: Bill Speaks: “That we might better relate to new members, that another line of communications be offered to all Shuffleboard players, and that we may share the excitement of associating with, and playing the game of Shuffleboard!”

The Objective was realized in 1991 with the creation of the FSA Website. Clever was inducted into the FSA Hall of Fame in 2001 in recognition of his promotional accomplishment. Pic by Stan 2010

Bill sent this information to me, Stan McCormack, on 2002 09 11. “In the beginning it was a Hendersonville group of Shuffleboard players, (which I later called the board of directors) that were emailing shuffleboard information to a list that was generated, and sent to the few that had a computer, AND could receive e-mail!!) This information sharing was very well received. However; there were those who had purchased a computer that we were not aware of ~~ which raised questions. In an attempt to overcome this, one of our group volunteered to try and set up a database of those that had a computer ~~ hoping those with computers would report their e-mail address to him! While this represented a giant leap forward, we still faced the same problem.

We learned that Shuffleboard Information is for all members, not just for those on a list that we had created. This was forcibly brought to our attention as we progressed to FSA application and development. We as a Group debated this at length (Seated in the bleachers at Hendersonville which had become “Our Meeting Place.) We concluded that if we were to continue, if we were to succeed, we would have to devise a way to publish the information so that it would be accessible by anyone desirous of seeing the information ~~ and not limited to those with their names on a list. In that I had a Web Site, (which was offered as part of being a subscribed member to ISP, I volunteered to investigate changing my site form a private; to a public site. This was granted, and the public site was http:/>, and all information was mailed to me and I made one posting. This resulted in a different atmosphere in that there was no list, and the viewers realized all had equal access to the published Shuffleboard Information. It was not at that time considered to be an “FSA Web Site.” We at this time were only Publishing Hendersonville Shuffleboard Information. Sandy Myers had started publishing an International Web Site (The World of Shuffleboard). This was primarily an indexing of all Shuffleboard States along with the Provinces of Canada. Sandy had designed a page for Florida, consisting of (The Florida State Flag & the State President.) Sandy’s example caused us to ask ourselves “is it possible that we, the Hendersonville Group, might make our web site represent Florida, AND include Hendersonville!!” In that Hendersonville was Active during the summer months, we did not anticipate any undue problems. However; we had no authority to represent Florida. “How would we approach this?” A temporary Home Index page was designed with a logo. Also, a preface to describe the purpose of the FSA Site ~~ “That we might better relate to new members, that another line of communications be offered to all Shuffleboard players, and that we may share the excitement of associating with, and playing the game of Shuffleboard!”

This was presented To Paul Prescott who had just become the FSA President. Paul was aware of the Florida Page on the World of Shuffleboard and was very receptive to our idea. That is how the FSA Web Site of to-day was born! I must say Paul Prescott was very helpful, and also Carl Eby who succeeded Paul as FSA President. This describes how the FSA Web Site was started; it was not by any one person, but by so many shufflers willing to help by suggesting changes, additions and reporting Tournament Results. Thanks for all the help and encouragement that Shuffleboard players extended toward this program. As in any project, growth brings new solutions. The hits were increasing every month and this placed tremendous pressure on the limits placed on the program by the ISP (Internet Service Provider). As we were receiving this service from the ISP at no additional cost, we had to accept their policies. Personal Comment: It is great to see the improvements with so many working so hard to make shuffling on the web both interesting and informative!! Creating articles and publishing are time consuming. I would hope that we appreciate those who are willing to give shuffleboard players their time and knowledge.”

Thank You, Bill Clever. This article was written by Bill Clever and edited by Stan McCormack. It has been vetted by Paul Prescott. Article originally posted on 2005 10 26 on The Shuffler. Stan McCormack in Lakeland, FL 2011 12 28 > living in Woodbrook Estates which is where Bill lived for many years. (Article taken from my archives) Stan now lives in Adelaide Place, Lindsay, Ontario. 2020 05 20.


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