Article 5 of Series 1 of Glen’s Look Back Series. 2020 05 21

The Shuffler is Most Fortunate to Have Articles, “Look Back” Articles, by an Active, Living Shuffler, Who Competed At That Time!!!

Article 5 in Glen’s Series 1

Glen Peltier Speaks: During the nineties so many new strong players come along. I was there winning four masters in six years and adding up big points a total of 24 years in a row.
The year 1995 I gathered 74 points and my closest competitor was Skip, McCoy with 48 points. That was the year I went into the Hall of Fame with 500 points.

Bob Pearson who played for at least 45 years, starting when he was the police chief in Orlando and played on his time off. was still going strong.

Jacques Bergeron came on very strong and played top shuffleboard adding up gig points for many years Jacques was my partner for years and was the best player from the South East coast.

Austin McDonald, Narice Baker, Carl Eby were all tough players. One of the best players to ever play the game was, and is

George Shaver. His points per games played has to be the best.

Dale Williams was a wizard. The older he got, the better he played. Lary Faris was my idol. He knew the game and played the classic game and always encouraged me to do the same. Bob Douthit was another tough player who left us way too soon.

Now along came Earl Ball and Mike Vassallotti. Boy, I,m glad they didn’t play together. Mike had the best concentration I ever knew. He and Grant Boshart still hold the single year point record. Much more about Earl later.

Richard Buchanan deserves to be in the mix. Great player and held many positions in shuffleboard. My own personal opinion is Dave Minnich sits atop for so many reasons. He does not clear the board anymore because of a problem. He does everything else so well he makes up for it. Plus he served as president of the FSA during very important times. Phil Rebholtz is and was so good he can carry his partner when he is on. He is the very best double player.

Now for two outstanding players that have changed the game and made it better. Stan Williamson who has been one of the greatest shot maker ever. He is a showman and proves it every time he plays. The best thing about Stan is he may show off but he knows the game and can play it right I,m saving Chuck Stansburg for my next article.


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1 Response to Article 5 of Series 1 of Glen’s Look Back Series. 2020 05 21

  1. Earl Ball says:

    I feel very fortunate to have played with or against all of the players Glen mentions and certainly he is right they were or are still great players!


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