A Positive Outlook by a Former FSA President!!

A Positive Outlook by Glen Peltier, a Former FSA President

Glen Speaks: I believe it is up to all the people who have enjoyed our great game of shuffleboard to keep the pro circuit as pure as it can be through these troubled times. I believe everyone involved in the game is smart enough to figure out how we can distance our selves and do whatever we have to do to be safe. It is still spring and we have time to figure it out. Glenn Monroe said we should make up our minds in Sept. Many things will change by then. Let’s not give up what has been built over the many years. Most of us will be ready to go by then. Maybe we are the older generation but I think we are the smarter generation. I,m going to stay positive that come October we will be going strong.

Glen Peltier. 2020 05 22.

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2 Responses to A Positive Outlook by a Former FSA President!!

  1. john Houghtaling says:

    I share Glen’s thoughts that “ALL” who play this great game of ours and those capable administrators who head the FSA along with the District Presidents input will formulate a plan at the FSA fall mtg. in Sept. 2020 to have shuffle board competition of some sort. The 2020/21 season may have a different look to it but, I am optimistic that we will have a playing season of some kind!!!!…


  2. Joyal says:

    I’m with Glen, being a very positive thinker myself, I believe a lot of folks are taking this virus too seriously, for we older folk have been through many trials and tribulations throughout our lives, and at this point in time need to move on! At our courts here in SCC our new President, is demanding that we all wear masks, play every other court, we only have 10 so that makes 5 to play on or 20 people. Our local CA is going against the rules of the Governor of FL, masks are recommended, NOT MANDATORY! Shuffleboard is an outdoor sport, we really do not get that close even w/partner next to us so let’s start back by making Summer – “Shuffleboard Time”, again! Yes, a lot of lives were lost, especially at nursing homes, for they too go against rules and do as they please. We all must move on! A mask on in 80-90 degree weather? Temperatures? MOVE ON!


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