Earl Ball “Sounding Off in 2016” Asks What Is Happening to Us?????? 2020 05 21


Earl Speaks:

We actually have players that want to cut our summer tournaments down to 4 hours including lunch; can you believe it!  I started playing summer tournaments in 1997 and the format was a Pro/Am draw, 2 out of 3-12 frame games, main and consolation.  We started at 8:00 and finished at about 6:00; I even played a tournament until 10:00 at night.  We traveled from Zephyrhills to as far away as Sebring and St Cloud which is about 90 miles to each and took a little under 2 hours across back roads that weren’t as good as they are today.  We traveled by the carload and if you lost in two matches before lunch you waited until the end if someone in your car placed.  When Mingles/Singles came along in 2000 we thought life really did get better.  We played 8-12 frame games to determine the top 4 game winners and ties.  They played off using one 8 frame game of non-walking singles to determine the winners of the 4 winning positions.  It took no more than three rounds and was complete by 3:30 so the most someone in your car had to wait was the last hour.  What a great one-day summer tournament format!   Later we changed to total points scored in the 8 games to determine the winner because some of the players were afraid they wouldn’t be able to win in the playoffs so we were done at 2:30.  Two years ago one of the host clubs went to 6 games because it was a very hot venue which now has an insulated roof and is very nice to play in.  Some talk has been to go back to 8 games at that venue too, but still, some want to stay at 6 games and have every other venue also go to 6 games.  If you don’t want to play a competitive tournament you can play each morning in casual play at the Zephyrhills clubs on any day.

I can’t say I wasn’t warned by Glen Peltier who told all of us many times not to make changes to the game because shuffleboard becomes a non-gameClearance Wright told me we were going to wind up playing Hoss Collar and calling it a tournament.  I guess they were both right.

The Florida Central District has been the leader in changing the game and we have gone so far as to reduce the game to the point that you can play 3 matches the 1st day and be done by 2:00 and if the finals are no further away than Lakeland, 40 miles, you can play the final 2 matches on the 2nd day and be home by noon; I’ve done it.

How far are we from mailing in our entry and having the winners drawn out of a hat so we don’t have to spend the time traveling to the tournament?

Enough is enough!  Stan Speaks:  Now that is “Thinking Outside of The Box” Just thinking; with the Corona Virus >> that may become the “New Normal”??????  

Earl 6-5-2016

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1 Response to Earl Ball “Sounding Off in 2016” Asks What Is Happening to Us?????? 2020 05 21

  1. Tom Winkelspecht says:

    Please, don’t change the game. I like the game the way it is, but as someone else mentioned, maybe have 3 locations to play around the state each week. I realize some will say with 3 tournaments it’s too easy to get points, but others might say theirs a tournament close by. You might get more folks out playing. Us on the east coast travel as much, probably more because the tournaments are mainly in the middle of the state and west of there. The 75 point game, us the game, my option, and everybody has one of those.


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