Winning Tips 5 by Earl Ball. to be Posted 2020 05 22

WINNING TIPS by earl ball:

Your opponent is about to win, but you have one shot left and a clear board. What do you do? Almost everyone will say shoot a high 10; a few will say a high 8. Wrong, Dave Minnich will say get the block on the board, the other guy is nervous, he’s trying hard; often he will roll off the scoring surface. If you’ve been the player doing the shooting you know he’s right! Now if a 10 will give you the game point, then by all means shot a 10 but forget high, just get it on there, he can’t leave you there and will be really nervous.

What about the high 10 to steal your opponent’s hammer! You’ll hear me say it’s the wrong shot almost every time. High 10’s have a way of being low 10’s and that translates into a block and a half for the other team. Remember when you are trying to steal the opponent’s hammer there are a lot of lines to get next to and they don’t all run across the court. In fact if I were telling you how to steal your opponent’s hammer I’d probably tell you to try to get to the outside edge of the 8 or the 7 giving your opponent the chance to hit the angle line also. Earl Ball 2006 07 12.

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