Good News For Hendersonville, NC.

Good News for Members: Lynda King, President of Hendersonville Shuffleboard Club posted this today, 2020  05 23.

Hello All,  (Club Members)
The City has agreed that we can use the shuffleboard courts with “stipulations” of course. That would include masking and distancing at all times, and no use of the clubhouse at all, except for the bathrooms that would need to be cleaned several times a day.
There are other requirements of course, but for the immediate future, we will be cleaning the courts on Monday at 9:30. Hopefully soon, we will have a start date for practise and tournaments, likely coming…up very soon, but for now, lets plan to be at the courts on Monday with our masks on and get the place cleaned up.
Thanks, and see you soon.

Lynda King oh, forgot, one of the stipulations is taking temperatures, and we are looking for a digital Thermometer, the scan forehead kind, they are hard to find right now, it has been ordered, but if anyone has one we can use until it comes in, that would be great.

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3 Responses to Good News For Hendersonville, NC.

  1. E van says:

    Hey Lynda. Mom and Dad had in Hendersonville during the off season from Clearwater. Ann and I will do everything in my power to play there this year. I’ve played those courts. 20 years ago. But there were a couple of courts with drifts I will never forget. One may have been an outside court. Not sure. But my inexperienced self didn’t come close to figuring it out. I’d love to see you and Warren and others from our shuffleboard family there. Good luck with this. Miss you.


  2. Earl A Ball says:

    Cindy and I plan to be there too!


  3. kastawaykaty says:

    Our month’s stay is almost up here! We’ve become Club Members and enjoying everyone’s hospitality. Temperatures being taken & masks are worn along with required social distancing so all is well. Leaving soon, but will be back in August for another month’s stay to take part in the NC State tournaments, followed up by National Tournaments. Katy & Lyle Walker


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