John Houghtaling, CD Pres Sends an Important, even Vital Message!!

One of the “BEST” AM Tournaments within the Central District is in Woodbrook as is the newly formed TOC formulated by the FSA for AMS recently and here in Zephyrhills at Forrest Lake Estates where that am tournament has now been played for many years. Within the CD folks such as David Earle, Glenn Monroe and Jennette Harvey play a vital role in helping with these AM tournaments donating their precious time to help keep the AM program flourishing! “ALL” of those who play shuffleboard here in the state of Florida, especially the PROs, should have a vested interest with our AMs!!

It remains imperative that “ALL” of us who play the game encourage, help and teach those who are going to carry on the sport. If we do not assume that responsibility, shuffleboard as we know it will simply fade away!!!!
John Houghtaling, CD Pres

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2 Responses to John Houghtaling, CD Pres Sends an Important, even Vital Message!!

  1. Earl Ball says:

    What a catch 22!
    We are now teaching ams to play frames to attract them with less waiting. Glen believes we should keep the Pro tour 75 and I agree but don’t think that will work with new players learning only frames. How do you reconcile that?



    ….I can understand Earls concern about ams playing only frame games at “SOME” tournaments especially within the Central District. I believe that some frame game tournaments to “ATTRACT” our ams to begin playing the game will, in the end, get our ams “hooked” enough to play other 75 point tournaments. Coupled with heavy traffic these days to get to venues, new players who have other interests, IE. computers, I-phones, pickle ball, etc. and new players not wanting to wait to play 75 point games, we have to change the approach, work with our ams to get them interested to play the game in the first place in order to have them come back again and again. In todays world unfortunately, we do not have the luxury of throngs of new players playing the game as there once was.


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