We Give You the McMillans, Bill and Vivian. Posted 2020 05 23.

We have selected ANOTHER GREAT COUPLE to highlight for you > The McMillans, Bill and Vivian 


As told by Vivienne McMillan: Last week Bill and I went up to Clearwater to practice. After a few games we went into the hall for a rest and decided to go look at the International Hall of Fame.* As we walked into the HOF, we looked at each other and said: Wow what a difference!!
It has been redone and really is a sight to see. A lot of work has gone into refurbishing the International Hall of Fame and you really must pay a visit.
Pam Hill is the new curator and she has done a great job. Sam Allen and Earl Ball have also put a lot of time into the project. Bob Weber has worked and will continue with pictures and videos.
Shirley Goodwin and Marx Kristix also commented on what a great improvement to the Hall of Fame. When you come to Clearwater please take the time to visit the International Hall of Fame and see what a great job these people have done to make this a site to see.
Submitted by Vivienne McMillan 2009 08 19.  And Now, To The Story of Bill and Vivian:  Bill & Vivian McM. Great Story  

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4 Responses to We Give You the McMillans, Bill and Vivian. Posted 2020 05 23.

  1. Earl Ball says:

    I miss Bill & Vivienne. I still think of them on a regular basis.


  2. Pamela Hill says:

    Such fond memories of Bill and Viv.
    Thanks for the boost to ISA HOF.


  3. seliseq1 says:

    Great couple . . cigar & all!!!
    Sandi Q.


  4. Glen Peltier says:

    Bill and Vivian were so important to our Clearwater club holding the masters for the west coast. They were both hard workers and never complained.


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