“What’s The Rule”? by State TD Glenn Monroe. 2020 05 24

The Shuffler has arranged with FSA State Tournament Director Glenn Monroe to answer your questions relative to The Rules!! Thus the title: “What’s The Rule?”

We now move on and submit the next two questions to Glenn. We expect Glenn to respond on Monday, May 25th. We will post his reply on this page when we receive it. We suggest that You give some thought to the indicated response. Unless otherwise stated, the most recent rules and regulations of the Florida Shuffleboard Association shall be used to answer all questions.

We urge readers to send their questions or share rules situations you have experienced with the rest of us? Please send them along to Stanistheman_200@yahoo.com and we will post them if app1ropriate > or send them along to Glenn for review and response.

1) My partner and I had line #3 so in that we had to take the court 1st I went to yellow on the head and my partner went to black on the foot. My opponent said we couldn’t do that. I told him we could because we were yellow and took the court 1st.

Glenn Replies: You were wrong. FSA Rule C.1. states, “The player or team with the lowest line number will play the first game with yellow discs.” Both players on a team must play the same color discs.

2)  My partner and his opponent shot the wrong color for the whole frame. My partner scored 15 points with the wrong color but the opponents said they get the 15 points because they were scored with their discs. Who’s right?

Glenn Replies: Assuming that the half-round (frame) has finished, you keep the score for the discs that you shot, regardless of color. You would keep your 15 points.

If, however, the half-round has not been completed when the error is discovered, the half-round must be shot over again. The half-round is over when the 8th disc has been shot and has come to a stop. (Rule C.3.a.)

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