Good Wednesday Morning!! AND MORE!!! We Offer You Tips!!

TAKE NOTE:  I have posted Marie Bondi’s mailing address here:   Should that not work for you, here it is:

Marie Bondi
6634 North Lake Dr.
Zephyrhills, Fl

TAKE NOTE 2: When you first log into The Shuffler, you are being unkind to yourself to simply read the first article, and scroll down. You have more options, gain access to related information, IF you select from 1 of the 5 articles listed on the right-hand side of the page.  SHOULD you not see the article you wish to read, i.e. if it is NOT in the list of 5, click on the month below the heading Archives.  You will now have access to every article published in the said month. TRY IT; YOU MAY “LIKE IT”!!!  

TAKE NOTE 3: Should you wish to search for an article, and you can only remember the article is about an individual > let’s say John Smith.  Enter John Smith into the small rectangle, top right of the page, and hit Search.  Now, just enter the word John into the rectangle and hit Search.  You must clear John Smith before entering John. To do so click on the little “x”.  TRY IT; YOU MIGHT LIKE IT >>

TAKE NOTE 4: You do know that you can access any article BACK TO April 2012?  Again, look at the right-hand side when The Shuffler opens; now, scroll down to April 2012. Click and you now have access to every article published in April of 2012. TRY IT; YOU NOW HAVE ACCESS TO HISTORY!!!!     

TAKE NOTE 5:  OK now; let’s say you want to access information back to 2002????  Don’t worry?? I have it on my computer >> going back to 2002 when Alf Primeau and I (Stan McCormack) launched The Shuffler.

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