Aritcle 6 of Series 1 of Glen’s Look Back Series. 2020 05 28.

The Shuffler is Most Fortunate to Have Articles, “Look Back” Articles, by an Active, Living Shuffler, Who Competed At That Time!!!

Glen Speaks:  I have saved this article for Special Players of high talent, Players that have made a difference in our game, that have played in the last 20 years.

Skip McCoy was a thin man with health problems who had a skip-mccoyspecial talent for our game. I played many games with Skip and he was one of a kind. He could play fast courts, slow courts, equally well. He played the center line making doubles, triples, every aspect of the game. I was in Clearwater the day the president and entire executive except the third vice president Skip McCoy of the FSA resigned.  Skip stepped up and said (I guess that makes me president). He, along with his first vice, Paul Prescott led the way.  Skip had a lot on his shoulders but he performed very well. He was a man that made a difference.

Stansburge ChuckChuck Stansburge: I don’t think anyone doubts that Chuck had the most talent of anyone who ever played the game.  Chuck would make impossible shots one after another. He was not the easiest guy to play with but he carried me many times. The East Coast has sent us many top players but even they admit Chuck was the best. He played with many different players and won with all of them. Chuck left us way to early. He had so many records to break. He always played his best in the Masters.

18-earl-ball (2)Earl Ball. Earl has certainly changed our sport and he has a long way to go yet.  He was the first man to talk the entire time he played.  It was hard on us but we got used to it.  As the years went on, Earl’s talent as a highly-skilled player began to surface. Then we realized just how successful he was at promoting the game. How lucky Betmar is that Earl moved there. The team of Ball and Williamson was tops, Now Ball and Strong have taken that over. Earl is tough. He never quits. He will go back another day to play for third in consolation. The game comes first for Earl. He has many records to set and he will.

SWCD JIM MILLERJim Miller is the professional player. He is tough and plays every shot that way. He takes his losses and his wins equally well. He plays with many partners. We always know Jim will be in the top five. Jim does so much work for his club. He is the first man there in the morning with a broom in his hand. Jim is the perfect example that every shot counts. Jim has many good years ahead of him. He is healthy and will always be right up near the top. A green jacket is in his future.

Mike Vassalotti 3Mike Vassalotti:  Mike had such an impact on the game. His concentration was always the best. He stopped playing in his prime. So many people today ask about Mike. They want to see more of him.

B Henry & (2)Henry Strong, I’m adding Henry to this group because I know what he is capable of doing and what he has done so far.  Henry has made such a difference in his home club. He not only is a great player but has worked so hard for so many different clubs. Henry is very capable of doing many things in life but we are lucky he has picked shuffleboard to dedicate so much of his time. Henry will break records!! He will work at it. His job now is to make sure Earl gets his jacket.  (Like in GREEN!!  Earl now has 949; to wear the Green Jacket, one must have 1,000 !!!)  At the rate they are earning points, that Jacket will not be far in the future!!!!!

Article by Glen Peltier!  Posted by Stan on 2020 05 28.


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1 Response to Aritcle 6 of Series 1 of Glen’s Look Back Series. 2020 05 28.

  1. susan b. daidone says:

    The BSC wishes that Jim Miller would still be with us. His devotion of time and talent to the club is missed greatly since he passed away over a year ago…SUE Daidone


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