Kenny Offenther > Creator of the MVP (Most Valuable Person) Award!!!

Ken Offenther played a lead role in our 100th Anniversary Celebrations. Ken not only suggested the idea of recognizing fellow shufflers who have done a great deal for shuffleboard but he is also organizing the MVP (Most Valuable Person) aspect of the Anniversary. We believe the recognition of these deserving citizens enhances the Celebration. We hope you do as well. I thought I would share just a little of Ken’s distinguished shuffleboard career. During the 28th ISA World Championship in Betmar FL, Ken demonstrated that he is indeed an elite player by placing 2nd in the 2009 Singles event. Ken entered the event aiming to finish in the Top 8; and said he was absolutely thrilled with his 2nd place finish. Ken went on:
“It was a thrilling experience; I had the opportunity to meet players from all over the world. The atmosphere was great throughout the tournament, and there was an enormous crowd for the finals. The crowd was very loud, vocal, and even did the “wave,” which is something you do not see in the sport. The tournament was truly successful. The reaction and support for me was overwhelming, the camaraderie and friendliness among the players was great for the sport. The players and the crowd congratulated me and said the finals match was one of the most thrilling they have ever seen. It was very flattering for me.”
Stan’s comment: I believe that Ken’s reaction in italics is a clear indication of just how joyful he felt by reason having the opportunity to compete in such an atmosphere, with such good friends.
Stan McCormack. 2020 05 28.

bailey wins world  Click to see/read the Newspaper Report on the Game Ken so graciously describes >> above.

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1 Response to Kenny Offenther > Creator of the MVP (Most Valuable Person) Award!!!

  1. Earl A Ball says:

    And it was thrilling!!
    I don’t remember for sure, but I believe the score was tied and Jim Bailey had the hammer. Kenny shot a ten and a pretty darn good one but Jim did have room. The drift was left to right on Betmar court 6 from the foot. Jim hit it perfectly; had he been off just a little he would have rolled on the line. As it was he held it but gave Ken a seven. If he hadn’t held the 10, Ken would have won. The place was packed, 4 deep! That tournament was one of Terry Rainwater’s finest moments.

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