An Extremley Talented Person!! Is There Anything She Has Not Done???? Colleen Austin.

Stan Speaks: Colleen Austin is KOR for the Southern District;  Colleen Austin is the Webmistress of the US National Website;  Colleen Austin is a member of the Southern District Hall of Fame;   Colleen Austin is a member of the 100th Anniversary Committee;  Colleen Austin is not only an active Anniversary Committee Member, she  markets the product items being sold in Southern District;  Colleen Austin maintains a photo directory for members of the S. District; Colleen Austin contributes significantly toward the Southern District Preview articles;  Colleen Austin created the 100th Anniversary Calendar;   Colleen Austin designed the MVP Anniversary Pin;  Colleen Austin designed the 100th Anniversary Banner;  Colleen Austin is doing the design artwork for the Roll of Champions;  Colleen Austin, along with Joan Cook performed with exceptional success as hostess for the 2012 FSA HOF Banquet, Colleen preparing inductees cupcakes with their picture done on top with buttercream icing and stick people representing each of the inductees.

And finally, almost as an afterthought, Colleen Austin placed 1st in the prestigious FSA Masters in March of 2012.  

There is an old saying: “If you need something done well, and done quickly, ask a busy person!” Colleen is living evidence of the truth of this axiom. No sooner has the request been made, when word arrives back that the task has been launched!!  As her District President told me: “Colleen is a tremendous asset to all organizations and people in shuffleboard.”

Stan McCormack, Thanks Colleen! Chair, 100th Anniversary Committee. 2012 11 12.  To expand pic, click on it once.

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2 Responses to An Extremley Talented Person!! Is There Anything She Has Not Done???? Colleen Austin.


    Colleen is one of the most valuable and appreciated persons within our game and the game of Shuffle Board is very fortunate to have her involved!!!!…


  2. Nancy Sclafani says:

    I sometimes think that Colleen has way more hours in her day that the rest of us. How else she can handle all that she does? Her contribution to our sport is priceless.


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