And the MVP Award Goes to David Earle! Posted Initially on 2012 12 10 and Re-posted 2020 06 01

Earl, David & Glenna

Earl, David & Glenna




As a retired military officer he is accustomed to taking on leadership roles!

He was first brought in to lead the Winters Shuffleboard Club and then took on the leadership role in the re-organization and rescue of the Zephyrhills Shuffleboard Club where his calm hand has guided that club to phenomenal success.  When we needed someone to guide the Central District, he was there, we even called him back to serve an extra year as president so we could get our next crop of officers on firm footing.

As a player, he is one of only 11 to ever record a perfect record in an International event.  There have been over 3,000 contestants.  He is a Central District “Roll of Champions” Champion, “Masters” Champion and “Hall of Famer”  He is the reigning Florida Shuffleboard Association “Masters Champion and will qualify for the “Hall of Fame” this season.

He is David Earle.

Presentation of MVP at Betmar on 2012 12 10 by Earl Ball.

Want to read just a bit more by David and Glenna; two very fine articles: Some Thoughts from the President of the  23 Celebrate With Us!!

Stan McCormack, Chair 100th Anniversary Committee. 2012 12 10.

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