WILL CHANGE CREATE INTEREST!! An article by Earl Ball in 2005!!! Earl Adds “thoughts” in 2020, thoughts relative to COVID-19 — THE CORONA VIRUS!!!

WILL CHANGE CREATE INTEREST!!  An article by Earl Ball in 2005!!! ** Also See at End of the article!!**  Added Thoughts of 2020!!

It’s the year for change in Shuffleboard!! As I sit and watch all the sporting events on TV it’s obvious they’ve made changes to create interest and it’s worked. Golf, our number one rival has become very exciting and somehow makes people feel they can compete. Baseball has gone from a boring hit and run game to the excitement that the next guy up will hit the long ball and turn the game around. Football has gone from three yards and a cloud of dust to the big play!! Basketball from the two-hand jump shot to the slam dunk and long game-winning three-pointer!! Even tennis has gone to the arched back serve creating new speed and excitement. Hockey realized that they needed to change and have opened the game up this year. All of these sports have become more popular than ever with new players pouring into their sports, interest and enthusiasm is higher than ever.
Our sport once very popular, when some clubs had thousands of members, a time when players had to wait in line for a court, is due for an update to regain its rightful place in the sporting world!! Who better to lead the charge than the Florida Shuffleboard Association and their President Clarence Wright! When Clarence took office, his pledge was to make the changes necessary to re-popularize the game; he appointed a committee comprised of the District Presidents to bring forward the changes they saw as necessary. The Committee’s recommendations will be presented this Saturday at the State Meeting in Sebring. This vitally important State meeting is open to all, so come see your Officers in action as they take on the exciting challenge of “Change”. October 15th, 09:00 hrs; lunch is provided. We can come back!!!!

** I ran across this old article this morning when I was looking for something else. Not much was changed and the game was never repopulated and in fact, has continued to shrink. All sports are now taking a look at what changes they have to make to make for the future of there sport. They have committees looking at “what if’s” from all angles; many of them start their season about the same time we do or a little earlier. I imagine we, Shuffleboard, are being proactive and doing something similar. Certainly, there can be no better time to reinvent yourself than now, because you have a built-in excuse if you get it wrong, “the virus made us do it” and we will make corrections. Keep the faith, I’m sure good things are going on and we are planning what we need to do to get ahead of the curve!
Earl Ball writing on 2020 06 01

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